Match Report – 3rd XI vs Lowerhouse CC – Cliffe Park – Sunday 7th July 2019

Following a visit to Middleton yesterday with the 2s, I am back at The Cliffe today to report on our 3rd team fixture against Lowerhouse CC.

Team News

Debut today for Lewis Elliot from our u13s side as wicketkeeper. Even better he faces his sister’s boyfriend…….who will get the bragging rights?

We are batting first.

Big thanks again for Umpire Shak for supporting this game.

1st Innings:

Joel Houldsworth and Joel Bentham to open batting.

Early Wicket:- Joel Houldsworth out LBW. Score on 5-1. Alex Kennedy in at 3.

Note to Self:- I just need to time my lap round the ground now but will see which way Joel Houldsworth sets off as his batting performance isn’t going to have made him happy…not that he ever is anyway!!!

Score moves on to 17-1 off 5 overs. I must say the early exchanges of bowling are very hostile (or just terrible bowling) with bouncers and beamers striking Joel Bentham and Alex Kennedy….some bruises tomorrow I think.

Injury Alert

Young girl wicketkeeper goes off for Lowerhouse injured as ball strikes her in the shoulder…the Lowerhouse bowlers even hurting their own players! Hope she is okay as she was stumping very well.

Another injury as Joel Bentham goes off injured after being struck in the hip……it’s like a scene out of the Bodyline Series years ago.

Wicket:- Alex out LBW with score on 45-2. The ball appeared to be going way down leg side but 1 player appealed, and umpire given it. We will never know.

Player News

Good to see the return of Jason Kayley to the team for his first game of the season. Hopefully he can play a “little” part in our success today….a “small” reminder in what he can do….a good “compact” innings….playing some “short” bowling… “mid(get)” wicket…..and does get “stumped”.

Right on cue…..Jason plays 2 nice shots for 4 as we move to 50-2.

Score moves quickly on to 74-2 off 19 overs….going okay.

Wicket:- Rhys Holt out caught after some aggressive batting. 92-3. Tom Newton in next

Shot for 6:- Jason hits Scoreboard and breaks the last man number…….only been back a minute and causing problems!

Score moves to 100-3.

Wicket:- Newy bowled LBW for 1. Ishmael in next. Score on 102-4.

Wicket:- Kayley caught and bowled. Well batted Hobbit. Score on 115-4. Joel Bentham back in following his retirement earlier.

Score moves to 144-5. Wicket:- Joel caught mid-wicket. 144-6

Captain Ste in next to keep up the momentum….Wicket:- Ste out caught. Abid in with score on 169-7.

Wicket:- Abid caught. 171-8. Marcus in next to face last couple of overs. He holds his ground.

Innings closes on 191-8.

Decent score of us to defend hopefully on what seems to be a poor wicket. Anyway, same for both sides.

2nd Innings

Ste to open from Scoreboard end.

Abid opens from the Dog and Otter end.

Lowerhouse move to 33 off 10 overs…their 2 batters look set and are being patient.

Change bowler as Fobbit replaces Ste. He batted well, can he get us a few wickets. Yes he can……

Wicket:- bowled Kayley. 44-1.

Wicket:- bowled Kayley LBW. 44-2

Wicket:- bowled Kayley. 44-3

Chance in slips:-….over Kayley’s head….like most things probably.

Another Wicket:- bowled Abid caught Rhys. Score moved on to 49-4.

Change of bowler into the attack as Marcus comes on for Abid who bowled excellently.

Wicket:- bowled Marcus LBW. 57-5

Wicket:- bowled Marcus caught Abid. 61-6


Captain Ste asks Joel to bowl….he gets ready….Kayley then states he has 1 over left to bowl….Joel retreats with a really happy look on his face…hands waving around….has to be Movie Quote time…Return of the Hobbit!

Wicket:- Marcus bowled. 82-7.

Finally, a change of bowler as Joel does come on for Hobbit. We then see the remaining wickets fall as follows;

Wicket:- bowled Joel LBW. 86-8

Wicket:- bowled Marcus LBW 87-9

Wicket:- bowled Joel

88 all out


Good performance today by the boys…..we batted well to post our score and then terrorised the Lowerhouse batsman with some excellent bowling from Abid, Jason and Marcus backed up by Joel at the end.


Player of Match

Difficult one today with some good performances. A close decision as Jason Kayley got 41 runs and bowled figures of 8 overs, 3-20, and Marcus Hamer was 2 not out with the bat, with bowling figures of 6 overs, 4-16.

Looks like Mr Kayley just edges it…albeit he can share this one with Marcus as a “small” gesture😊

On to next week…….


Neil Kennedy

Match Report – 3rd XI vs Church CC – Cliffe Park – Saturday 1st June

Following a week off with a well-earned family break, aligning nicely with a weekend break for our 3rd Team, I am back to report on our match with Church CC at home.

A busy morning of assisting our Club Chairman putting up blinds……and then putting covers on with Captain Ste……things I do for this club….I am pleased to see that we are here and not at Church… you it is lovely there today….unless you want to watch Sky……have a drink….see people….not be depressed….I could go on.

As I arrive at the ground, it looks like we may get a wet start to proceedings as the skies are overcast…fingers crossed.

Before we commence proceedings a massive congratulations to Captain Ste on the birth of his first child Toby…….Mum and baby doing well. Congratulations to you all.

Ste wins the toss and we are batting. The players take to the field…..

1st Innings:

Joel Houldsworth and Joel Bentham to open.

Big thanks again to Umpire Shak for supporting this fixture. Looks good in a white coat…..not as good as Dr Zeain though….


Wicket:- 1st over wicket as Joel Bentham bowled. Seb Whalley in at 3. 0-1.

Seb and Joel get us off the mark….Seb with a nice shot for 4.

Unfortunately, proceedings come to a halt as the rain clouds gather above us.

Rain stops play….score on 21-1

Action Shot:- as the players take to the field to put the covers on…..Fine bunch…

Weather Forecast Update!

I must admit I can’t believe they have come off……hardly a monsoon. Church requested to come off….they must not want to play.

Great………Darryl is here……..should be well behaved today as has new girlfriend in tow.

Players back on….

we have only lost 5 overs so now a 35 over game. Our score quickly moves on to 41-1.

Change of bowler for Church as on comes our ex-player Aftab….

Chance!- catch dropped by fielder – lucky Joel. Unfortunately, this is followed by a…..

Wicket:- Seb out bowled for 28. Well batted Seb.

Thomas Newton in next. Score 48-2.

Wicket!- Joel H out caught for 33. 66-3. Andy Brown in next

4 – shot Thomas. 99-3. 8 overs left

Wicket:- Thomas out LBW. 126-4

Batting change as in comes MC Ammer instead of Alex.

Milestone!- 50 for Andy Brown. Played some great attacking cricket. Well done Andy. Score moves to 149-4.

Wicket!- Andy caught out but a good innings. Score 158-5

Alex Kennedy in next with just 2 balls remaining.

We finish on 166-5. Well batted Ammer with a quickfire score.


Rain was heavier at the end of the innings than when we went off at the start of the innings with “driving” rain…good time to mention one of our Club Sponsors…..

…..luckily we finished the innings. All round decent batting performance on what must be a tricky, wet wicket. Hopefully we have enough to finish the job.


2nd Innings:

Hopefully the weather holds out as rain has stopped…….

Ste to open from the scoreboard end, whilst Abid opens from Dog and Otter end

Church move to 11-0 off 5 overs. Good news though as…….Wicket!- bowled Ste caught Joel Bentham. Score now 14-1. This is swiftly followed by another….Wicket!- Caught and Bowled Abid. 14-2.

Church manage to stabilise proceedings and move on to 18-2 off 9 overs.

Change of bowler – young Ishmael replaces Ste.

Wicket!- Bowled Ish LBW….30-3. Well bowled young man. Ishmael claims the LBW from the umpire who quickly gives the batsman out. Funny really as am sure Ishmael claimed “Owzat” before he even released the ball…..good decision “Dad”…..sorry I mean Umpire!

Weather holding off and looks quite bright now….looks like we will get our match to completion….

Change of bowler as Alex comes on for Abid. Chance!- Joel Houldsworth dropped catch from Alex….Joel doesn’t look happy (that doesn’t make much of a difference as he is always that miserable to be honest).

Change bowler Joel H for Ishmael. Wicket:- bowled Joel. 45-4. This quickly followed by another…..Wicket!- bowled Alex LBW. Score on 48-5.

Not sure if the ball is turning a lot today whilst Alex bowling but there is a lot of head holding going on…..i later find out that he nearly bowled the batsman around his legs as Captain Ste let out a frustrated groan from slip.

Church move the score on to 60-5.

Change of bowler as Marcus Hamer comes on for Alex. A change also at the other end as “Gas” replaces Joel. Score now on 71-5.

Wicket!- Bowled Ammer. 81-6. Another change of bowler as Alex comes back on for Marcus.

Wicket!- bowled with a pee roller. 91-7.

Wicket!- bowled Alex caught Ammer. 103-8.

Game Over. Church finish their run chase on 117-8. Win for Great Harwood.


good result for Captain Ste and our 3rd team maintain their winning streak. A good all round performance from the team with some good fielding supporting our batting and bowling. Good batting performances from Andy Brown with his half century, and good knocks from Seb and Joel Houldsworth. Wickets again for Abid, Alex, Ste, Joel and Ammer.

Player of the Match – Andy Brown with a half century. Well done Andy and have a good holiday.

Neil Kennedy

Match Report – 3rd XI vs Lowerhouse CC – Cliffe Park – 18th May 2019

We return home this week after our visit to Rawtenstall last week, and entertain Lowerhouse at The Cliffe. As I do what is a regular occurrence of a “Power Walk” up Cliffe Lane, the day is overcast. As I arrive on the ground, and due to a last minute issue, our wicket the last one on the square….just next to Westcliffe!! Long walks to the bar today.

Before I comment on today’s fixture, I have a correction to last week’s match report to make everyone aware of as not sure I interpreted the incident as I should have done. That catch Leachy dropped was a really difficult one…not just any old catch….but a really difficult one….it travelled at pace…a really difficult one……never seen a catch that difficult……a really difficult one. Hope that makes up for it Leachy.

Team News:- 

Ste is a last minute drop out so in comes young Nihaal Basharat for his senior debut. Good luck young man. (I must apologise as did have a picture taken for Nihaal, but the quality wasn’t the best).

Leachy also becomes Captain Leachy for the day.

Great Harwood win toss and decide to bat.

Guest appearance Zeain as umpire…..looks like he has either lost his Ice Cream Van…..or he has qualified as a Doctor…..either way thanks for supporting the team Dr Zeain umpiring today.

1st Innings:

Ben Rogers and Joel Houldsworth to open batting. The game begins…….but unfortunately a very early Wicket:- as Joel bowled. 3-1. Shak in at 3.

The Lowerhouse opening bowling attack look decent, which means a cagey start as runs are few and far between.

Incident:- Shak hit by thrower on the elbow…he goes down in pain…..luckily we do have Dr Zeain on hand to go and take a look. Unfortunately means Shak has to retire hurt for the time being……Tom Newton replaces Shak. 13-1.

Our score moves to 21-1….with only 3 runs coming off the bat….18 extras to press…..Extras is usually a high scorer when we play….we should sign him on.

Wicket:- LBW Thomas. 39-2. In comes MC Hammer…..we are ready for some Gas.

Wicket:- Ben out LBW. 58-3

Shovey in next….but doesn’t last long as he is out caught behind. 58-4

Captain Leachy arrives at the crease. Wicket:- Leachy out caught. 60-5. In comes Abid…can he stick around for a while and support MC Hammer. Shot:- Ammer hits bowler for 6……..another 6…..then a sublime 4. He isn’t finished there as he hits another shot for 6.

Wicket:- Ammer’s progress is halted as he is caught out. 89-6. Good innings off not so many balls again.

News Alert:- Lowerhouse have brought their team manager again walking round barking instructions. A 3rd team with a team manager…..maybe we need one?!

Wicket:- Shak  who has returned to the crease to carry on his innings post his injury, is then duly fired by Dr Zeain LBW. 88-7. The two exchange looks at the wicket at the decision.

Wicket:- Abid caught. 98-8. In comes Marcus to join Alex. Unfortunately have a short spell together Marcus is run out…probably not a run….Nihaal in last for his debut with the bat. Score on 103-9.

Both players try and keep our innings going and play some nice shots until Wicket:- Alex bowled. 103 all out.

We struggled today with the bat to get going and unfortunately it was left to the “young guns” at the end of the innings to try and save the day….pity we didn’t have a couple of experienced batters down the order to try and bat through with the kids.


2nd Innings:

Joel to open bowling from the Dog & Otter end whilst Abid to open at the Scoreboard end.

Early exchanges are tight as Lowerhouse start to gather runs on the board. Interesting viewpoint in that they have fielded a few players from last weeks 2nd fixture. This could define the result.

Change bowler:- Alex replaces Joel whilst Leachy replaces Abid from Scoreboard end.

Wicket:- bowled Leachy LBW. 48-1. We are off the mark but still a lot to do.

Change bowler as Nihaal comes on for his bowling debut for Alex. The score has now moved to 74-1. Again their 3rd team manager is patrolling the perimeter of the pitch…..

Unfortunately, this now becomes the shortest Innings Report I think I have done as the game quickly comes to a conclusion…….Game over. Is it because the Cup Final is on and everyone ants to watch it…..hopefully not.

In Summary

Not much else to say other than Congratulations to Nihaal for his debut in the Senior Side. Player of the Match goes to Ammer for his quickfire score as he tried to rally our side. Lowerhouse with a well-deserved win – Congratulations. We couldn’t seem to “Build” any momentum…..good time to mention one of our club sponsors;

Our 3rd team have no game next week so on to the week after when we can hopefully get back to winning ways.


Neil Kennedy

Match Report – 3rd XI vs Rawtenstall CC – Away – 11th May 2019

This week I have the great pleasure of reporting on our 3rd Team’s visit to Rawtenstall, to try and keep our unbeaten run going.

What can I tell you about Rawtenstall…..the ground is named the Worswick Memorial Ground and has employed club professionals such as Michael Bevan and Colin Miller. The town is located in the centre of the Rossendale Valley and is another Mill Town. Famous people who are linked with this town are Lee Cartwright (Professional Footballer), Jane Horrocks and Natalie Casey (Two Pints of Lager & a Packet of Crisps) ….bit like a night out with Chris Hamer😊

Joel Houldsworth one of the first to arrive at the ground and happily says “Let’s bowl first and bowl them out so we can get home”……is optimistic outlook on life never fails to impress.

Covers are on.

Forecast states we are expecting couple of showers throughout the afternoon but hopefully we get a day’s play. One very short boundary at the clubhouse end.

Team news – in come Hamza and Alex.

Ste loses toss – We are batting first.


1st Innings

Hamza and Ben to open.

We get off to a steady start…..Ben plays a shot for 4. And another. Hamza then gets in on the act as he plays a shot for 6. 2 more 4’s follow from both batsmen…off to a very solid start as we move score on to 51-0 off 8 overs.

Change of bowler. New bowler has longest run up I have seen….he slowly marks it out and eventually looks like he is starting it in Waterfoot. Could be a long game at this rate.

Quiz Time: Joel wanders up to us in a pensive mood….he then proceeds to ask us a really difficult question…….”Where does rain come from”…….really! Think he was taking the precipitation!

Wicket:- Ben out bowled. 66-1. Joel in at 3. He gets off the mark and plays a couple of good shots for couple of runs.

Go Pro Alert:- Hamza has his Go Pro set up to watch him bat….hopefully has enough battery as wouldn’t have last week….JOKE Hamza. I take the opportunity to apologise for mentioning the slow run rate last week…wasn’t just you Hamza. I wouldn’t leave my Go Pro around unattended with Mr Leach in the vicinity….brave boy.

We move to 75-1 off 12 overs.

Chance:- Joel to fielder….luckily it goes to the one that doesn’t like catching……..he even drops it when they play “get the ball back to the bowler” during an over.

Shot:- 4 from Joel…same fielder does a TJ Hooker roll / dive over ball. Was easier to stop it.

Newsflash:- this place also has a Shed…this one is Refreshments whereas Church is for Sky Sports;

100 up after 15 overs. Good progress for our boys. We are on target to set a good score here today. 50 up for Hamza…

We progress to 149-1 off 23 overs.

Laurel and Hardy moment:- 2 Rawtenstall players dive simultaneously over same ball for 4. Like watching synchronised diving. They proceed to blame each other.

50 up for Joel….what I believe is his first Senior 50. Well done Joel…

Wicket:- Joel bowled for 55. Well batted Mr Happy. 200-2 Thomas Newton in at 4. After a few tentative shots, he plays a 4…..and another. Well done young man.

Hamza proceeds to 100…..unfortunately I didn’t capture a video as the shot he played seemed to be off his leg and nobody celebrated…..but then they give it anyway….Well Done Hamza. If you do want to see the video, hopefully Hamza’s Go Pro will have captured it…requests into Hamza please. Score moves to 222-2.

Wicket:- Hamza out. Ammer in next.

Wicket:- Thomas caught. 240-3. Young Ish in next. 2 4’s played from Ammer….it’s Ammer time as he brings on the gas…..still don’t know what that means but everyone says it! 6 – Ammer.

We finish on 271-4. Well batted M C Ammer – scoring 42 off not so many balls.

The players have ordered their sandwiches and take a well-earned break. During the 1st innings there was a couple of incidents involving 2 of their younger players showing a little bit of attitude….let’s call it exuberance of youth!. As I get my half time brew, one of their senior players is educating one of these young men in attitude and respect, and not to berate the umpire at any time (especially as it was our “Shak”). Good to see – it’s a learning curve I suppose.

2nd Innings:

Captain Ste to open from The Stanley Barnes end…..this is according to sign on wall….not sure who he is or was.

Abid to open at the changing room end.

Chance:- first bowl…..catch dropped by Leachy. The frustration is short-lived as a Wicket:- caught & bowled Abid. 14-1.

Observation:- players congratulate Marcus for a good piece of fielding…calling him “Burger”….don’t think he “relish”es that……not something he will “take-away”……a bit of a “Wimpy” thing to do….giving him “beef”….which he doesn’t “chicken” out of……anyway that passed a few minutes!

Wicket:- bowled Ste. 16-2. Shortly followed by another Wicket:- bowled Abid LBW. 16-3. Another Wicket:- bowled Ste. 18-4….and then another Wicket:- bowled Ste. 23-5.

Rawtenstall’s score moves slowly on to 34-5, and we are making easy going of this. The run rate is totally off the pace.

Wicket:- bowled Abid. 38-6. In comes the new batsman…in what looks like a Stetson Hat from Jr Ewing’s wardrobe (sorry kids not your era)…..first shot…looks like he plays baseball…whoosh.

Wicket:- bowled Ste LBW. 38-7. Another Wicket:- “JR Ewing” out bowled Abid. 38-8. As the game starts to come to a close, looks like we will get home early.

Ste completes his 8 overs and hands over to Alex. Wicket:- bowled Alex caught Ste. 50-9

Change of bowler at the other end as Leachy on for Abid who has completed his spell.

Good time to thank one of our club sponsors…for their amazing support during the season…

Wicket:- bowled Leachy. Rawtenstall finish on 57 all out.

Game over.

In summary, good win for 3s who keep up their unbeaten run. Some good batting and bowling from our boys. My Player of Match has to go to Hamza for his century. Great knock.

More next week – wherever I am!

Neil Kennedy

Match Report – 3rd XI vs Nelson CC – Cliffe Park – 6th May 2019

This bank holiday Monday, saw Top of the table GHCC third team entertain Nelson.

Unfortunately there is no N. Kennedy this week to please the masses with an in depth match report. So I will keep this much like the man himself. Short and simple.

As is the norm for a bank holiday, it was raining.

The game started on time with Harwood batting. A decent start with J. Houldsworth and Ben (Dropsy Renton) Rogers nullifying the Nelson openers. The rain arrived and shortened the game to a 37 over per side affair.

On a slow pitch every Great Harwood batsman made a contribution with M. Leach and T. Newton the not out batsman on 11 and 1 respectively. Giving a score of 139-6 to defend.

Game on!


Early wickets from A. Hussain and J. Houldsworth kept the score rate down, further wickets from M. Leach and two in two balls from M. Hamer meant the Harwood were starting to turn the screw.

The Harwood team fielded well with catches being snaffled left right and centre. One from T. Newton, A. Hussain and two from Leach gave the home side a good chance to win it.

An absolute Jaffer from A. Malik pushed the win even closer.

The game came down to the last ball, Nelson needing three to win and GHCC needing one wicket for maximum points. Bowled by A. Hussain, fielded by Malik, in to Dropsy Renton and a run out!!!!

GHCC win the game by 1 run! Get in there!

Well played boys. On to the next one

Match Report – 3rd XI vs Crompton CC – Cliffe Park – 20th April 2019

Welcome to The Cliffe for our first competitive home game of the club season. Today our 3rd team host Crompton CC. The sun is shining and looks like conditions going to be warm today. The ground looks magnificent bathed in sunshine…..having been round many grounds over the last 2 seasons I am confident to say there isn’t a better looking ground in the league than ours.

Squad News; Debut today for Ismheel (Shak Jr.), good luck young man. In come Buck Rogers (sorry Ben), Joel Bentham and Marcus Hamer. Hopes are high following our win at my favourite ground last week. I am also happy as Seb Whalley playing 2’s tomorrow which means I haven’t started drinking prior to game starting with Mr Whalley.

Crompton won the toss and decided to bowl.

1st Innings:

Buck Rogers and Hamza to open. Good early start as Hamza plays a nice shot for 4….and another. Ben also playing some confident shots….good to see as his first game of the season.


Breaking News:- Pro Sanka turns up. Great to see as only off plane this morning after a long flight. Russ looks him up and down and gets his training kit….”look small to me” he said….who wouldn’t next to our 2s Captain!

6 overs gone 29-0.

Newsflash:- Joel looks happy again. He looks like a lad who I have just told we are playing Church away again next week!

Wicket:- Ben Rogers out caught behind. 33-1. Owais in at 3.

Newsflash:- Daryl turns up. What proceeds is a discussion around how long it will be before Daryl falls in love again. He then proceeds to throw his normal constructive criticism at the players.

Wicket:- Owais doesn’t last long as he is out caught. 39-2. Alex in at 4. 13 overs gone – 50-2.

Drinks break follows next over – 55-2.

Hamza and Alex seem to be building a good partnership as we move to 65-2 off 18 overs. Unfortunately the partnership ends…

Wicket:- Hamza out caught 38. Ethan in at 5. Lets see the young lads rack up the runs. We move to 97-3 off 25 overs. Ethan plays a nice shot for 4.

Injury Alert:- Ethan hits a powerful shot past the bowler, but unfortunately takes Alex out who goes down with an injured wrist. Players go over to make sure he is okay and he returns to his feet. Well done Alex….keep going.

Wicket:- Ethan run out as he tries to take a dangerous run. 107-3 off 27

Abid in at 6. After a great debut last week taking 4 wickets, hopefully he can produce some runs today…..jinxed him….Wicket:- Abid out for 3. 114-4. Joel Houldsworth in next….even though I cant see his face under his helmet…I will assume at this point he isn’t smiling. Come on Mr Happy…..

126-5 off 35 overs.

Wicket:- Alex bowled 33. Well batted Alex….been out there a while and played some nice shots. Joel Bentham in next. 127-5. Unfortunately doesn’t last long…Wicket:- Joel Bentham bowled. Ste Schofield in next.

Meanwhile a nice shot leg side for Mr Happy for 4.

1st Innings over – Joel H scores 22 runs not out…..knew I should have put him in my fantasy team. Great Harwood score 147-7…..not sure whether this will be enough.

As the interval takes place, and the players have a well earned rest, thought it good opportunity to thank The Park for sponsoring this years training kit. Also a big thanks to Niall Holt for scoring for the 3s today…..I would do it but obviously busy doing this…also don’t understand the technicalities of scoring yet.

2nd Innings:

Joel Houldsworth to open at the Dog & Otter End (Good advertising again). Good first over. Ethan Houldsworth opens at the Watson Ramsbottom Scoreboard end.

An early Wicket:- Bowled Ethan. 2-1. Great start boys.

This is a very slow start for Crompton….5 runs off 6 overs….yaaawwwwnn. Change of bowler…Captain Ste for Joel. 17-1 off 10 overs. There is also another change of bowler as Abid comes in for Ethan. Well bowled Ethan and Joel.

With such a slow start my mind drifts to the match report and how I can develop a story around this 2nd Innings…..knew I should have attended that creative writing course! I proceed to do the “cricketers walk” around the ground to waste a few minutes….not saying the scoring from Crompton is slow but I manage to read every advertising board on the way round….anyway back to the game as a cheer goes up….

Wicket:- Bowled Captain Ste. 22-2 off 12 overs. Another wicket isn’t far after this one…as this seems to trigger the fall of several wickets as follows…

Wicket:- C&B Abid. 22-3. Another wicket for our new signing this season. What a good strong start to the season.

Wicket:- Ste bowled. 37-4 off 16…..and another….

Wicket:- Bowled Abid. 37-5…..he then proceeds to take another in the same manner…

Wicket:- Abid bowled. 37-6. Good spell of bowling Abid.

Change of bowlers as Marcus comes on for Ste. Good first over. Ishmael comes on at the other end for Abid. Welcome to senior cricket Ishmael.

I’m proud to be part of such a great club that puts a lot of emphasis on its juniors and supports them coming through in to senior cricket. There seems to be a good production line of future stars of Great Harwood Cricket Club.

Opportunity:- the batsman launches a shot into the sky…..could this be another wicket…unfortunately not as Owais drops it. Unlucky.

Oh no Daryl’s back….I thought he had gone home…time for another walk around the ground….might do it the other way round for a change…..

Newsflash:- Streaker on the pitch…..oh sorry no it’s Daryl encouraging Alex….I think!!…

Great fielding Ethan as he stops a certain 4.

Milestone Alert – Wicket:- Ismheel takes his first wicket of senior cricket. LBW. Congratulations young man. 57-7.

Shot for 6 from Crompton….Great fielding as Abid nearly catches it on the boundary and throws it back in. Unfortunately the efforts are wasted as the Umpire gives a 6….are you sure Mr Umpire….where is VAR when you need it.

Chance:- unfortunately dropped catch. Score has moved on to 82-7.

Change of bowler as Joel Bentham comes on for Ishmael. At the other end another change as Ethan replaces Ste. 101-7 off 33 overs.

Wicket:- caught by Owais. 112-8. Come on boys lets mop up the tail. This happens as the final wickets are taken……

Game over – another win as Crompton finish on 118 all out.

In summary another good performance by the lads an a very warm day. They worked well as a team. Some good bowling and fielding by the team and good batting performances namely Joel Houldsworth and Alex Kennedy with 22 and 33 respectively. We move on to next week when we play Ramsbottom away…..not walking round that ground, it’s massive!


League Table

Match Report – 3rd XI vs Church CC – Away – 14th April 2019

Welcome back to the Lancashire League Cricket season. It soon comes back around.
Great Harwood Cricket Club’s first competitive game of the season brings me to Church CC to take in the delights of our 3rd team fixture. A sunny but cold day at what has become infamously my “favourite ground”. I am extra pleased as I have had the added pleasure of being here since 9am for Hyndburn District Trials. Love this place.
First observation……Nice to see the Sky Sports Shed still here…
Following a lunch interval in between District Trials and this game, at the A La Carte restaurant down the road….some Scottish chap called McDonald….i park up in anticipation (with my car facing the wicket just in case it gets to minus figures in the weather stakes.
Sad news reaches us a players start to arrive, unfortunately Leachy has to leave due to a family emergency. Thoughts with you mate.
After various phone calls and some strangely inquisitive looks towards my car….like I have any form of cricketer in it….decision made for umpire Danny Briggs to replace Leachy….Captain Houldsworth hiding in his car to avoid replacement Umpire duties.
Lost the toss – Church elect to bat first.
As I peruse the amazing facilities here (all closed), a capacity crowd of 9 people…and a dog….seem to be looking forward to an entertaining game. Good news as tea room opens….and before anyone asks no the bar isn’t….no surprise there then.
After handing out packets of B&M hand warmers to Newy Jr, Houldsworth Jr and Alex….game gets underway…
1st Innings:
It is absolutely freezing on the side of this hill, and the first batter for Church comes in well prepared;
Ethan Houldsworth to open bowling….from the car park end. Good first over and a slow start for Church. Joel Houldsworth opens at other end….are there any other Houldsworths I am missing from this report.
Early Wicket:-: A run out, bowled Joel and stumped Seb. 5 for 1. Good fielding (dint say that too much last season)
Another Wicket:- Bowled Joel LBW. 20-2. Good start to the season for the “Happy One”.
Change of bowler as Captain Ste replaces Ethan who bowled a good spell. Chance! – Direct hit for a run out from Ethan. Not Out…..27-2. Looked a tight decision from where I am stood watching them tee off on the 2nd tee at Accrington Golf Club!
Another change of bowler as MC Hammer replaces for Joel. Time for a bit of “Gas”. Great fielding by Joel stopping what looked a certain 4.
Family Moment Alert:- Lovely moment as Captain Ste’s Mum comes on to pitch to give him a kiss….whilst he is fielding at that position next toe the White Screens at the end of the ground……nice.
Wicket! MC Hammer clean bowls batsman. 42 – 3. Shortly after this drinks are taken with the score at 43-3. Nice to see the drinks are ice cold cordial – should go down well today with the arctic conditions. Personally wouldn’t have bothered unless it was a nice hot brew.
Change of bowler as Alex Kennedy comes on for MC Hammer. Wicket:- Bowled Alex caught Ethan. 45 – 4. The u15’s club working well together. Meanwhile there is a change bowler at the other end as Abid comes on for Ste. Welcome to Great Harwood CC Abid.
Wicket:- LBW bowled Abid. 77-5. Great start for one of our new team members.
Another Wicket:- bowled Alex and caught Ste. 81-6. Another quick Wicket:- bowled Abid caught Ethan. Another great catch. 82-7.
This spell of bowling is great to watch as we have Church on the rack. Wicket:- bowled Abid caught Ste. 86-8. Abid follows this up with his 4th Wicket:- batsman clean bowled Abid. 86-9.
Just one more wicket to go.
Wicket:- bowed Alex. 86 all out
Good bowling and fielding performance with all the lads chipping in.
As I take the ritual walk around the ground to keep arm, good to see these Church fans are a resilient lot as they crack open the cans in the grandstand overlooking the ground….I use the term grandstand loosely.
2nd Innings:
Hamza and Ethan open batting. Good to see Hamza back in the fold after his horror injury last season.
Hamza off the mark playing a nice shot round his legs to Square…Short…Long…3rd man….or something like that.
Looks like the Great Harwood players are taking turns in doing the Square Leg Umpire. Joel doing his stint in his shorts – the lad is mad!!
Wicket:- Ethan bowled out. 2 – 1. Seb in. Not a good start. Wicket:- Hamza is bowled LBW. 16 – 2. Exactly what Church needed a couple of early wickets and two of our danger men out.
Shak into the Attack next. We should see some shots played now. An expectant silence falls across the ground in anticipation……oh no sorry my mistake….there isn’t anyone here.
Wicket:- Seb out with a leading edge caught. 16 – 3. (I must admit I used the term “Leading Edge” as Paul Houldsworth said it…makes me sound like I know what I am talking about. MC Hammer in next.
Injury Alert:- Shak goes down with what looks like cramp. Replacement batsman needed….Joel in. Hopefully Shak recovers. 4 – nice shot Joel. 51-3
Wicket:- Joel played on. 54-4. Progress to our target is slow and feels a long way off….good news though as Shak is back…at the crease. Wicket:- MC Hammer out caught. 55-5.
Thomas Newton in next. Unfortunately doesn’t hang around too long as another Wicket:- falls. Thomas Out bowled LBW.
Danny Briggs enters the fray with score at 59-6. Wicket:- Shak out. 60-7. In comes Alex. We survive the next few overs but then Wicket:- Alex Out. 74-8. Abid in. Can the new boy get us over the line.
Great shot – 6! Shot Danny – just what was needed. Next ball – Wicket!- Danny out caught trying to hit another 6. 82-9
Captain Ste in as last batsman….need a Captains performance her Ste. A few balls faced and a couple of singles. 4! – good shot Ste…nearly there.
A nice shot sees us over the line. Game over – Great Harwood win!
Overall good team performance and a good start to season. We made life difficult in what was a cold day, but the lads stuck together and ground out the result.
Onwards to next week…..

Senior Indoor Nets 2018

We can confirm that this year’s Senior Indoor Nets will commence on Thursday 25th January.
These will take place from 8pm-9.30pm at  at St. Christopher’s CE High School in Accrington. 
All senior players, plus Hawks that have played regular senior cricket are invited to attend. 
Anybody wishing to join the club as a playing member is also very welcome to attend. 
If you are interested in joining us, or require any further information, please contact us
Details of indoor training arrangements for our Hawks Junior Section will follow separately in the coming days. 

Club Awards 2017

Hawks Junior Cricket Awards

Junior Cricket Coordinator Mick Deasey said: “ Our first season in the Lancashire Youth Cricket League has been our most successful ever. Pre-season our U-11 and U-13 sides won the Hyndburn Indoor Competitions and our U-9 side finished runners up. During the summer our U-9, U-11 and U-13 sides all won their respective divisions.The U-11 side went one better and won the U-11 cup defeating both the Division 2 and Division 1 champions along the way.

“Twelve of the club’s players represented Hyndburn in District Cricket with Alex Kennedy hitting 70 not out for the U-13 side and Matt Litherland scoring 64 not out for the U-11’s.

“Overall young player of the year was Haris Iqbal who won both the U-13 and U15 bowling awards and was runner up in the U-13 batting. 14 year old Harris Masood became the first junior to win the Senior Most Improved Player award. Harris played some excellent knocks in the 2nd eleven and finished the season opening the bowling for the 1st XI, taking the first 4 wickets in his first game against Bacup.

“In all the club presented 90 individual awards to 40 players.”

GHCC Young Player of the Year 2017 – Haris Iqbal

Hawks U9

U-9 Skills Award Winner 2017

Sam Newton
Throwing the Cricket Ball

Thomas O’ Doherty
Bowling at the Stump

Joshua Duckworth
Hitting Through Cones

William Thomson
Running Between Wickets

Jacob Houldsworth
Slip Catching

Sam Newton
High Catching

U-9 Lancashire League Winners Div. 3 2017 Lancs League Div 3

Sam Newton
William Armer
William Thomson
Joshua Duckworth
Hayam Younis
Thomas O’Doherty
Thomas Henderson
Maci-Mae Whitehead
Max Cocken
Oliver Sherriff
Lewie Hacker
Harry Cameron
Ashton Dewhurst
Jacob Houldsworth
Zachary Houldsworth
Charlie Southworth
Luke McNamara
Jack Rogerson
Alex Sherriff

Individual Awards

William Armer
Batting Prize U-9 2017

Joshua Duckworth
Bowling Prize U-9 2017

William Thomson
Fielding Prize U-9 2017

William Armer
U-9 Player of the Year 2017

Hawks U11

U-11 Hyndburn Indoor Competition Winners 2017

Sam Anderson,
Cameron Bousfield
Matthew Litherland
Lewis Elliott
Ismheel Shakeel
Euan Vickery

U-11 Lancashire League Winners Div. 3 2017
Lancs League Div 3

Sam Anderson
Cameron Bousfield
Lewis Elliott
Shaabaz Hussein
Matthew Litherland
Kasim Masood
Ismheel Shakeel
Euan Vickery
Rayhan Younis
Logan Hindle
Imran Khan
Sam Newton
Hayam Younis

U-11 Lancashire League Cup Winners 2017
Lancs League U-11 Cup

Sam Anderson
Cameron Bousfield
Lewis Elliott
Ismheel Shakeel
Euan Vickery
Kasim Masood
Logan Hindle
Shaabaz Hussein
Rayhaan Younis
Matthew Litherland

Individual Awards

Ismheel Shakeel
Batting Prize U-11 2017

Euan Vickery
Bowling Prize U-11 2017

Shaabaz Hussein
Most Improved U-11 2017

Hawks U13

U-13 Hyndburn Indoor Competition Winners 2017

Ethan Houldsworth
Alex Kennedy
Marcus Hamer
Lewis Cartmell
Haris Iqbal
Rayhaan Hussein

U-13 8-a-side Lancashire League Winners 2017 Div.2
8-a-side Competition Div. 2

Ethan Houldsworth
Alex Kennedy
Haris Iqbal
Rayhaan Hussein
Jack Roberts
Marcus Hamer
Lewis Cartmell
Samuel Davies
Lewis Elliott
Matthew Litherland
Kasim Masood
Thomas Newton
Stevie Hacking

U-13 Individual Awards

Ethan Houldsworth

Batting Prize U-13 2017

Haris Iqbal

Bowling Prize U-13 2017

Thomas Newton

Most Improved U-13 2017

Hawks U15

U-15 Individual Awards

Joel Bentham

Batting Prize U-15 2017

Haris Iqbal

Bowling Prize U-15 2017

Marcus Hamer

Most Improved U-15 2017

District Cricket Performance Awards

70 n.o. v Burnley District  U-13  2017  – U-13 – Alex Kennedy        
64 n.o. v Wyre District  U-11  2017 – U-11 – Matthew Litherland

Senior Cricket Awards

Despite a relatively disappointing season on the field, there was still much to celebrate from a Senior cricket perspective. Our first season in the Lancashire League was always going to be a challenge, but performances at times were impressive, and the impact made by some of the younger players shows the development work we have been putting in place is beginning to bear fruit. Along with the continued support and hard work of gifted senior players, this can only bode well for the future.

Player of the Year – Paul Houldsworth
Players’ Player of the Year – Sohail Ali
Fielder of the Year – Philip Aspinall
Champagne Moment – Hamim Miah
Fastest Fifty – Ammar Malik
Most Improved Player – Harris Masood
Club Person of the Year – Mick Deasey
The Aspire Globally Aspirational Club Member 2017  – Stuart Maher

1st XI batting
Paul Houldsworth

1st XI bowling
Stuart Maher

2nd XI batting
Sohail Ali

2nd XI bowling
Jason Kayley

3rd XI Batting
Rhys Holt

3rd XI bowling
Ammar Ali

Senior Performance Awards

David Kendall – 10-1-30-7 v Church 2nd – 22.07.2017
Hamza Qayoom – 100 v Rawtenstall 2nd – 20.08.2017

This Week 8th – 14th August

Here’s what we’ve got coming up this week
DayDateWhat's On
Wed10 Aug 22Hawks Academy U15 v Ramsbottom CC (a) 6pm
Hawks Academy U11b v Darwen CC (h) 6pm
Thu11 Aug 22Hawks Academy U13 v Darwen CC (h) 6pm
Hawks Academy U9b v Rishton CC (a) 6pm
Senior Training
Bar Open 6pm
Fri12 Aug 22Hawks Academy Training
Bar Open from 5.30pm
Sat13 Aug 221st v Bacup CC (a) 1pm
2nd v Darwen CC (h) 1pm
Bar Open from 12pm
Sun14 Aug 22Hawks Academy U9 v Haslingden CC (a) 10am
3rd v Rishton CC (a) 1pm
4th v Burnley CC (h) 1pm
Bar Open from 12pm
Mon15 Aug 22Hawks Academy U18 v Longridge CC (a) 6pm
Hawks Academy U11b v Darwen CC (a) 6pm
Bar Open from 6pm
Tue16 Aug 22Hawks Academy U15 v Ramsbottom CC (h) 6pm
Hawks Academy U11 v Darwen CC (a) 6pm
Senior Training


This Week – 1st-7th August

Here’s what we’ve got coming up this week


DayDateWhat's On
Wed10 Aug 22Hawks Academy U15 v Ramsbottom CC (a) 6pm
Hawks Academy U11b v Darwen CC (h) 6pm
Thu11 Aug 22Hawks Academy U13 v Darwen CC (h) 6pm
Hawks Academy U9b v Rishton CC (a) 6pm
Senior Training
Bar Open 6pm
Fri12 Aug 22Hawks Academy Training
Bar Open from 5.30pm
Sat13 Aug 221st v Bacup CC (a) 1pm
2nd v Darwen CC (h) 1pm
Bar Open from 12pm
Sun14 Aug 22Hawks Academy U9 v Haslingden CC (a) 10am
3rd v Rishton CC (a) 1pm
4th v Burnley CC (h) 1pm
Bar Open from 12pm
Mon15 Aug 22Hawks Academy U18 v Longridge CC (a) 6pm
Hawks Academy U11b v Darwen CC (a) 6pm
Bar Open from 6pm
Tue16 Aug 22Hawks Academy U15 v Ramsbottom CC (h) 6pm
Hawks Academy U11 v Darwen CC (a) 6pm
Senior Training

This Week at GHCC – 25th -31st July 2017

Here’s what we have coming up this week

DayDateWhat's On
Wed10 Aug 22Hawks Academy U15 v Ramsbottom CC (a) 6pm
Hawks Academy U11b v Darwen CC (h) 6pm
Thu11 Aug 22Hawks Academy U13 v Darwen CC (h) 6pm
Hawks Academy U9b v Rishton CC (a) 6pm
Senior Training
Bar Open 6pm
Fri12 Aug 22Hawks Academy Training
Bar Open from 5.30pm
Sat13 Aug 221st v Bacup CC (a) 1pm
2nd v Darwen CC (h) 1pm
Bar Open from 12pm
Sun14 Aug 22Hawks Academy U9 v Haslingden CC (a) 10am
3rd v Rishton CC (a) 1pm
4th v Burnley CC (h) 1pm
Bar Open from 12pm
Mon15 Aug 22Hawks Academy U18 v Longridge CC (a) 6pm
Hawks Academy U11b v Darwen CC (a) 6pm
Bar Open from 6pm
Tue16 Aug 22Hawks Academy U15 v Ramsbottom CC (h) 6pm
Hawks Academy U11 v Darwen CC (a) 6pm
Senior Training