Code Of Conduct


Great Harwood Cricket Club is fully committed to safeguarding and promoting the wellbeing of all its members. The club believes that it is important that members, coaches, administrators and parents associated with the club should, at all times, show respect and understanding for the safety and welfare of others. Therefore, members are encouraged to be open at all times and to share any concerns or complaints that they may have about any aspect of the club with the Club Welfare Officer.

All those umpiring games at Great Harwood Cricket Club are expected to abide by the following rules and code of conduct:

  1. Place the safety and welfare of all participants above all else. 
  2. In accordance with ECB guidelines, modify rules and regulations to match the skill level and needs of young people.
  3. Compliment and encourage all participants.
  4. Be consistent, objective and courteous when making decisions.
  5. Condemn unsporting behaviour and promote respect for all opponents.
  6. Emphasis the spirit of the game.
  7. Encourage and promote rule changes which will make participating more enjoyable.
  8. Be a good sport yourself, actions speak louder than words.
  9. Keep up to date with the latest available resources for umpiring and the principle of growth and development of young people. Remember you set an example. Your behaviour and comments should be positive and supportive.
  10. Give all young people a “fair go” regardless of their gender, ability, cultural background or religion.
  11. Respect the rights, dignity and worth of every young person regardless of gender, ability culture background or religion.