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Close season presents an opportunity for us to look into some of the things we simply don’t get the chance to do through summer. One such area is that of our history. 
We have previously looked into the professionals that have represented us over the years and had built a comprehensive post-war record. However, courtesy of Mick Deasey, we have now been able to add to this a full list of all professionals dating back to our first in 1861. 
The above photo is of the Yorkshire side in 1875. It contains two players that had previously played at Great Harwood as professionals
On the back row on the right is John Thewlis, who spent two years at GHCC in 1864 and 1871.
On the extreme right of the middle row is Andrew Greenwood, who was professional in 1873.
Greenwood was in Lillywhite’s side that toured Australia in 1876/77 and he played in the first ever test matches between England and Australia.
Please find below our comprehensive list, including, where possible, profiles and batting and bowling figures for each season. We will look to add to these in the coming months. 

Past Professionals

Past Professionals

YearNameFromRunsBatting AverageWicketsBowling Average
2022Thikshila de SilvaSri Lanka
2021Thikshila de SilvaSri Lanka135056.257215.88
2020no professional (COVID-19)
2019Thikshila de SilvaSri Lanka83836.435116.71
2018Ashen SilvaSri Lanka97446.384724.43
2017Ashen SilvaSri Lanka92448.684419.90
2016Ashen SilvaSri Lanka1035693815.95
2015Joe HawkeEngland43620.765018.36
2014Jack WildermuthAustralia44634.313222.88
2013Tiaan CloeteSouth Africa115538.54221.1
2012Syed ShahabuddinIndia59039.333820.68
2011Syed ShahabuddinIndia122350.967713.42
2010Raouf AkbarPakistan81532.65120.43
2009Raouf AkbarPakistan64325.729114.63
2008Syed ShahabuddinIndia91450.789811.21
2007Jermaine LawsonWest Indies30721.933517.89
2006Gyan PandeyIndia110057.895517.95
2005Martin NurseWest Indies59928.524519.64
2004Andrew CrookAustralia125957.235416.89
2003Andrew CrookAustralia106648.456515.11
2002 Farhan AdilPakistan47123.551325.62
2001 Farhan AdilPakistan80738.433520.2
2000Mark HarveyEngland83746.5141
1999Shantanu SugwekarIndia105155.324815.15
1998Charles DagnallEngland34819.337712.29
1997Chris KillenAustralia56435.55615.61
1996Chris KillenAustralia54428.637415.61
1995Paul HutchisonAustralia90242.959413.65
1994Paul HutchisonAustralia88342.059611.52
1993Scott HookeyAustralia69040.592926.31
1992Craig HaworthAustralia51342.752320.83
1991Craig HaworthAustralia1003593020.3
1990Lodewikus Daniel BothaSouth Africa35923.934920.82
1989John WrightAustralia37120.616719.18
1988Mark WhelanEngland52234.8
1987Mark WhelanEngland636534319.93
1986Stuart AdamsEngland45922.95
1985Roger WatsonEngland62336.65
1984Roger WatsonEngland34326.383913.97
1983Steve LawtonEngland
1982Aftab BalochPakistan121371.352422.54
1981Aftab BalochPakistan707 50.503715.85
1980Jeff BatesEngland
1979Stuart AdamsEngland61135.944416.98
1978Stuart AdamsEngland50027.774615.74
1977Keith BarkerWest Indies30625.54017.57
1976Keith BarkerWest Indies
1975Keith BarkerWest Indies71942.286312.33
1974Peter SherlockEngland479.9
1973David HalliwellEngland23019.16689.3
1972David HalliwellEngland45322.65739.57
1971David HalliwellEngland918.39
1970David HalliwellEngland22512.50759.98
1969David HalliwellEngland
1968Roland GeeEngland51843.164614.47
1967Roland GeeEngland45225.55014.6
1966Eddie RobinsonEngland
1965Eddie RobinsonEngland
1964Eddie RobinsonEngland5711.43
1963Emmanuel "Manny" Alfred MartindaleWest Indies4913.22
1962Emmanuel "Manny" Alfred MartindaleWest Indies39924.934615.63
1961John UsherEngland3913.70
1960John UsherEngland36721.594916.12
1959No Professional
1958No Professional
1957Jim E. BrierleyEngland26617.737313.83
1956Jim E. BrierleyEngland27617.258810.04
1955Jack RileyEngland26316.432820.00
1954Jack RileyEngland
1953Jim E. BrierleyEngland33922.67111.22
1952Jim E. BrierleyEngland31228.38718.5
1951Jim E. BrierleyEngland27115.94798.6
1950Eddie ThorntonEngland5612.05
1949Eddie ThorntonEngland659.86
1948Eddie ThorntonEngland6211.7
1947Jim Peters (Jun.)England101953.633815.1
1946Jim Peters (Jun.)England91753.94
1945Eddie HackingEngland29424.52616.9
1944No Professional
1943No Professional
1942No Professional
1941No Professional
1915Harold Harrison
1914E. Horner
1912J. E. HannanEngland
1911F. W. RobertsEngland
1910F. W. Roberts England
1909Walter Hall
1908Walter Hall
1906James Cross
1905James Cross
1904James Cross
1903H. Horne
1902H. Dawson
1901William Finney
1900William Finney
1899John HolmesEngland
1898John Holmes England
1897G. F. GambleEngland
1896John HolmesEngland
1895John HolmesEngland
1894S, Sinfield
1893T. Madeley and Richard Wardell
1892No Professional
1891No Professional
1890No Professional
1889No Professional
1888C.J. Young
1887J.W. Smith
1886John William Haken
1883J. LindleyEngland
1882J. LindleyEngland
1881J. LindleyEngland
1880J. LindleyEngland
1877J. PlattsEngland
1876W. ClarkEngland
1875W. ClarkEngland
1874G. PanterEngland
1873A. GreenwoodEngland
1872W. ElliottEngland
1871John ThewlisEngland
1870No Professional
1869M. HandleyEngland
1867No Professional
1866No Professional
1864John ThewlisEngland
1860No Professional
1859No Professional
1858No Professional
1857No Professional
1856No Professional
1855No Professional
1854No Professional
1853No Professional
1852No Professional
1851No Professional
1850No Professional
1849No Professional


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