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Great Harwood Cricket Club is proud to announce a new partnership with the award-winning Agra Indian Restaurant in Hapton and Akash Indian Brasserie in Darwen. 

Established since 1989, Agra offers a true blend of Eastern and Western cuisine, along with unprecedented service and quality. 

Open since 1983, Akash Indian Brasserie is located in the heart of Darwen town centre. Full of life and joy, it is renowned for its pristine quality of service and unbeatable cuisine. 

As part of the link up, both restaurants are offering 10% off food to any club members visiting Monday to Thursday, upon presentation of a Silver 2017 Club Membership Card. 

I caught up with Mr Azambor Miah, owner of Agra and Akash Indian Brasserie regarding the partnership:

GH – You’ve been established in the East Lancashire area for over 30 years, our local people clearly love your food. Can you describe what it is that sets your restaurants apart from others around?

AM – Customers knows about the food quality and quantity, personally we think its best in Lancashire, as we being here for over 30 years, we have very regular customers and new customers always as our regular customers always recommend our food and service. We have very good relationship with the customers and staff and intend to maintain this good service for upcoming years.
We have so many specialities; we have set meal buffet on Sundays and they are very different to each other as we hae different means. We also cater for parties and we have organised innumerable parties in our restaurant over  the past 30 years. We have 250+ siting in the fully licenced Agra restaurant and a private conference room in the first floor.

GH – For any supporters of Great Harwood wanting to visit, where can they find you?

AM – Our Agra restaurant can be found and contacted as follows: –
Horse Hill Farm, Accrington Rd, Hapton, Burnley BB11 5QJ
Telephone: 01282 770113
GH – You have two excellent and well established restaurants; what does the tie-in with us mean for you.
AM – Everyone is welcomed in the restaurant. We also have a takeaway Akash Takeaway in Accrington, we always want our customers to recommend the food to new people so they can come an enjoy the food.

GH – Have you any offers on at the moment?
 AM – As part of the partnership, we are offering 10% off food on Monday to Thursday for any club members who present their membership card. We have also partnered with other companies such as Taste card or Gourmet so our customers can get the best out of their budget.

GH – Are you a cricket fan, and if so what is your impression of cricket at Great Harwood, and more generally in the local area?
It’s the closest cricket club, I have been here for 30 years in Clayton and I have visited the club loads of time. My son (Hamim Miah) also plays for GHCC and I always support the club. I also support any sports around in Harwood.
GH – What makes Great Harwood Cricket Club a good choice for a promotional partnership?
Its like my next door club and one of my favourite clubs as I’m a local. And it’s one of the best clubs around and its close to my house and my business. It a very friendly club and I wish all the best to the club for the future. 
Thanks for your time, we look forward to a successful partnership, and I’m sure our players, members and supporters will be visiting you throughout the season and beyond.

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