Match Report – 3rd XI vs Haslingden – Cliffe Park – Sunday 22nd July 2018

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2 games in 2 days brings me home to The Cliffe to watch our 3rd team play Haslingden. We played these earlier in season at The Bentgate Ground and got beat…..lets hope a GHCC team can get us a win this weekend.
Haslingden….which means Valley of the Hazels…were founder members of the Lancashire League since 1853. Fact!- all bowling was underarm until overarm bowling was permitted in 1864 (didn’t know that). Teams rarely reached 3 figures back then (even now after our performance yesterday in the 2s), and 2 Innings games were the norm….anyway on to the game….
GHCC win the toss and decide to bat.
1st Innings
Matt Oddie and Owais to open.
Immediately off to a good start as Bill Oddie plays 2 nice shots for 4. Oh Goodie! We are making good early progress. As I sit there watching the game Mikey arrives….nearly see him up here as much as me!.
Newsflash!- their umpire proceeds to discipline one of their players for using industrial language….we then find out from the same player he overslept their meeting time so him and umpire have had a tiff…he is forced to field on boundary as recompense…..he usually opens bowling and batting….”cant be bothered” he says!
Wicket!- Owais out caught. Feels similar to last few times he has been out (read previous match reports to how!). In comes someone from the 21st Century…Buck Rogers at 3….(quickly told his name is Ben).
Meanwhile Matt is on fire as he quickly reaches his 50 (sorry Matt missed it for the video…get you next time).
Wicket!- Matt finally out caught to same shot as Owais for 54. Well batted.
News Alert!- It is worth mentioning at this point that our very own Matt Oddie is representing a Lancashire League u21s side v the MCC at Middleton on Friday 27th July. This is a very proud moment for Matt but also for Great Harwood Cricket Club. Congratulations Matt and do yourself and the club proud.
Dave Holt in at 4 but unfortunately doesn’t last long out bowled. In comes Ethan Houldsworth. We get to drinks at 108-3. Great first 20 overs.
Wicket!- shortly after drinks Ben out stumped. In comes Thomas Newton.
Wicket!- Ethan out caught. 120-5. MC Ammar in next….as music welcomes his entrance “Here Comes the Hammer” (doesn’t really but would be good to have happened). We reach 133-5 off 29 overs and are going well. Thomas Newton batting very well. Wicket!- Ammar out caught and in comes Alex Kennedy…the young guard in.
Shot!- Nice 4 from Thomas. Unfortunately this is followed by Thomas losing his wicket to a run out as the 2 young lads push the runs. In comes Andy Brown for a late cameo. He does exactly this hitting 2 massive 6’s on his way to a quickfire 24 supported well by Alex at the other end. We finish the innings on 186-7. Good performance all round.
Tea Break!- this week we welcome 2 celebrities to The Cliffe who kindly prepare the wicket for Haslingden during tea, Welcome….The Mitchells (Grant & Phil) off Eastenders…..”Get owt of myyy Pub”. On closer inspection it isn’t them….but good lookalikies!
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2nd Innings
A welcome back to Dave Kendall who opens the bowling at the Watson Ramsbottom scoreboard end. Captain Ste Schofield from the Dog & Otter end.
Early exchanges are tight as Haslingden are struggling to get any runs. Dave hits the batsman on the shoulder on one lively delivery. 4-0 off 5 overs.
Wicket!- bowled Dave caught Matt. 5-1. Another Wicket!- bowled Dave LBW. 11-2. This is quickly followed by a 3rd Wicket!- bowled Dave caught Ben leaving Haslingden on 16-3. They really are struggling to get any runs. Dave ends his spell with great figures going for very few runs (8-5-5-3). Well done Dave.
Change of bowler as Ethan Houldsworth replaces Dave….the Houldsworth family monopolising the scoreboard end. Change of bowler at other end as Alex Kennedy replaces Captain Ste. Both bowlers continue the theme of allowing Haslingden very few runs…Ethan also looks lively today.
Wicket!- bowled Ethan. 33-4…well deserved wicket. Another Wicket!- bowled Ethan caught Ben. Worth noting since coming into the club and the team Ben is stumping really well and looks a great addition to our squad.
Wicket!- bowled Alex stumped Ben. 37-6. Must say the young lad that plays for Haslingden cant be more than 12 or 13 and looked a really good bowler and batter. Well done young man.
The run rate at this stage is very high as Haslingden cant seem to get runs. Saying that they do eventually amass 50 runs…thought I could be here till Tuesday for them to get that to be honest!
Change of bowler as Ammar replaces Ethan only then to be replaced by Matt. Ammar then replaces Alex.
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Newsflash!- the group sat on the table next to me are having a right laugh….only that one of them sounds like the dog in Dastardly & Muttley.
Wicket!- bowled Ammer caught Ben followed by another Wicket!- run out. Matt proceeds to take the final 2 wickets one caught by Andy Brown and the other another run out. Haslingden finish on 99 all out.
Whilst this is happening 1st Team Captains wife Maxine arrives to state that the man that waters the bushes (see last weeks match report) is sitting with Pauls Dad and Ste Wilkinson across the other side of the field…hope he isn’t caught short as they could be in for a surprise.
Summary – Game never looked in doubt and the team played well. Good bowling by all and some good batting displays. We close the weekend with a win. Congratulations Captain Ste and the team.
Good luck Matt this week when you represent the Lancashire League u21 side.
Over & Out.

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