Match Report – 3rd XI v Rawtenstall CC – Away – Saturday 23rd June 2018

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This week takes me to Rawtenstall as our 3rd Team play. So what can I tell you about Rawtenstall….another Industrial Cotton Town that grew during the Industrial Revolution. Also has a history of shoe-making in the many mills dotted around the area….so this week I will have to “tread” carefully as I am the “sole” reporter at the game and hope nobody “laces” my drinks. Lets hope for a “Bumper” crowd……bored yet?!
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Famous people bourne from the town are Ab Fab’s Jane Horrocks and Lee Cartwright who played for Preston North End.
First impressions…..confusing car parking arrangements as we study the signs outside the ground with Umpire Mick and Wayne…..we gamble and assume it is free…whilst I reverse my car into the entrance…..big boundary today so no chance of it being taken out by a rogue cricket ball.
As Mr Whalley and I attack our lunch, great comment from Wayne who is preparing the match card….”Shakeel….what is your last name”!
GHCC to field first. Worth noting they all look smart in their new kit….Come on boys.
1st Innings
Ethan Houldsworth to open bowling…..big responsibility on the young lads shoulders. Starts well. Rhys (Captain for the day in) opens at the other end. Early exchanges are looking promising as the bowlers seem to be on top and few runs scored.
Chance!- off the bowling of Ethan…caught & bowled….but unfortunately catch dropped. Unlucky.
Wicket!- this time a caught & bowled opportunity taken by Rhys. 6-1 off 5 overs.
Change of bowler as Matt Oddie comes on for Ethan on 28-1. As we take our first waling tour of the ground Wayne jogs over and gives Paul Whalley £2…..are there bungs taking place….suspicious! Wicket!- Matt gets his first wicket clean bowled getting the opening batsman out….who has scored 5 runs off 14 overs….yyyyaaawwwnnn!
Another Wicket!- bowled Matt and Ethan takes a great catch over his head….great to write about a catch….sorry lads joking! Another wicket follows as Seb gets a stumping off the bowling of Matt. Joel Houldsworth has come on for Rhys who has bowled a long spell. Next batter comes in who is a Viv Richards “lookalikey”….he proceeds to bat like a baseball player swinging at everything…..maybe he is the best swinger in town (no rude jokes about chucking keys in….i meant dancing). He is out to the bowling of Matt caught Rhys.
5 Wickets!- for Matt as he takes a caught & bowled….well done Matt. Alex Kennedy on for Matt following the 5 wicket haul celebrations…quickly gets a Chance!- unfortunately dropped. The batsman reaches 50 – well done. The very next bowl is stumped by Seb bowled Alex….these 2 have got some stumpings this year! Next batter has the biggest beard I have evr seen….can you be Beard Before Wicket?!
Another Wicket!- bowled Alex caught Matt. 87-8. Marcus on at the other end and bowls a maiden over in his first over….well done Marcus. Shak replaces Alex at the other end and gets a wicket caught Dave Holt…another good catch.
Rawtenstall finish on 140-9.
In summary of this first session….Rawtenstall climbed to a reasonable total albeit Great Harwood would be disappointed as could have restricted them to nearer 100 total…a couple more dropped catches in the field but this was offset by a couple of great catches by Ethan and Dave….all that training paying off I ask?!
2nd Innings
Wayne and Owais to open batting, which unfortunately doesn’t last long as Owais is bowled. In comes Seb at 3. 2 nice shots from Seb for 4….one on the long boundary….he must have had his shredded wheat this morning. “Nice One Zeb” shouts Wayne from the other end.
Wicket!- Wayne bowled….Ethan joins Seb with the score on 45-2. Unfortunately Ethan gets cleaned up early doors as he is bowled and Dave Holt comes in next.
Strange!- at one end Rawtenstall seem to be changing bowlers every 2 or 3 overs….cant be to keep them warm as weather lovely….will need to skim through my Cricket Almanac and see if there is a reason for this…
Seb proceeds to 31 and seems to be in full control…come on Seb keep it going. Dave also playing some good shots at the other end.
Newsflash!- one of the Rawtenstall slips looks like he is from Brokeback Mountain in a lovely Blue cowboy hat….”take your partners by the hand..”.
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Another 4 from Seb….as he reaches 41….the lad is on fire….in his 20/20 kit of black tracksuit bottoms. Wicket!- Dave Holt bowled for 39 – well batted Dave….as his son Rhys comes to the crease. 118-4. Rhys hits a 4 straight away and the victory is looking like ours with plenty of overs to spare.
Milestone Alert!- Seb reaches his 50 for his first senior cricket half century as his proud parents watch on…..brilliant Seb well done.
Rhys hits the winning runs for 4 – game over.
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Summary – well the biggest mention has to go out to Seb Whalley for his 52 runs and singlehandedly taking Rawtenstall to task with his batting. Another week where our young lads in senior cricket are making a name for themselves supported well by the experienced lads. Great performance and a great win for the team – Well Done Boys.
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