Match Report – 3rd XI v Lowerhouse – Away – Monday 28th May 2018

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Report by the ever reluctant Neil Kennedy
On to my 2nd game in two days to watch our 3rd team play Lowerhouse CC at Lowerhouse….currently I feel like GHCC roving ambassador as seem to spending more time at cricket than with my wife! I may even acquire a new shirt from the club shop (visit the website people as there is some quality gear to be had – advertisements as well eh!).
The ground is bathed in sunshine as the team enters the fray…
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2 changes to the team this week as in come Joel Bentham and Wayner Fitzharris…for….2 other cricketers. GHCC win toss and decide to bat – on to the game hoping it lasts longer than the one yesterday.
1st Innings:
Chris Oddie and Joel Houldsworth open the batting. Some decent shots played although an early Wicket! Stops the momentum – Chris out bowled. 12 – 1. Seb Whalley in at 3 but unfortunately bowled for a duck. Going to start calling him Keith Harris……he loves that duck! Owais in at 4.
Club Advice Alert – Rick Law-Riding advises me I have got my cricket walk wrong – it should be anti-clockwise at home games and clockwise at away games….that’s what must have went wrong at Middleton the day before. I quickly about turn and walk the other way!. I then see Captain Great Harwood relaxing on his own looking pensive….
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Wicket! – Owais chips bowl back top bowler. 30 – 3. Joel Bentham arrives at crease. Wayne in at 5 who straight away plays a lovely shot for 4. Come on boys pick it up. Wayne clips one to keeper but it is dropped…our luck is turning.
Wicket! – Joel Houldsworth out caught. 42 -3. Joel Bentham replaces him and is out 1st bowl…..doesnt want Seb taking the Duck glory this week. MC Ammer in….its Ammer time. 53 – 5 at drinks.
Not sure what was in the drinks but 1st bowl of next over Ammer out….trying to Ammer it to Cow Corner (not sure it was Cow Corner as still don’t know what Cow Corner means…am learning though)!
New Experience Alert – there seems to be a man walking and jogging round the pitch changing field positions and isn’t even playing. I later find out this appears to be the team Manager….not seen that before.
Ethan Houldsworth replaces Ammer. Plays some decent shots but then out caught with score at 53 – 6. Alex Kennedy in to replace him who again looks comfortable before being out caught. Ste in at 10….score 94 – 7.
Entertainment time – we previously had Ammer time now it is Reggae time as man turns up with his bike pumping out 3 reggae tunes on a loop…..havent watched cricket to music for a while but could get used to this. After 20 minutes I now know all the words as only 3 songs being played….yeah man!
Wayne reaches his 50 playing a lovely shot for 4……well done Wayne you singlehandedly beat our 2nds score yesterday….good and bad I suppose.
Wicket! – Ste out LBW with Marcus arriving in at 11. Unfortunately Wayne out to a great caught & bowled from their bowler and we close the innings on 124 all out.
As we enjoy the weather at the interval, I look around the ground and there must be 80 or so people watching the cricket and having barbecues….although this is great to see a mystery does occur. Wayne’s collection comes round the ground for his well deserved 50, and I hear in total he acquired a grand total of just over 12 pounds. The mystery is between myself, Paul Whalley, the Houldsworths and Mr Prestage we put nearly 6 pounds of it in!! That means 74 people must not have had any change – unbelievable!
2nd Innings
Captain Ste opens at the opposite the car park end (nothing of note I could pick out from that end to name it!). Joel Houldsworth opens at the car park end. 5 overs gone with some good bowling leaves Lowerhouse on 17 – 0.
Wicket! – Bowled Ste caught Seb, 17 – 1. Another Wicket! – batsman run out by Chris Oddie – great fielding Chris. 18 – 2. Change of bowler as Ammer comes on for Ste and Marcus replaces Joel…..who bowled “wonderfully”…Joel said!
Event Alert – a great comment from Wayne (Gt Harwood’s Paul Burrell) heard over the reggae music – “Lovely Jubbly”. Wicket! – great catch taken from Chris from the bowling of Marcus….as he throws himself at the ball. Well caught. 42 -3.
Ammer is bowling with “gas”….again not sure what that means as he told us that was what he was going to be bowling…..but thought I would put it in. 51 – 3 at drinks. Following drinks there are some good exchanges leaving the score on 71 – 3 off 16 overs….we are up against it here.
Unfortunately what follows is some poor fielding (hate to be negative)…with a couple of dropped catches and some mis-fielding which wasn’t lovely jubbly as Wayne would say. Wicket1 – Ethan breaks the momentum clean bowling the batsman. Unfortunately this was a little too late as Lowerhouse close out to win the game with several overs to spare.
In summary we were a few runs short with our batting leaving us an uphill challenge to bowl out Lowerhouse who were a decent side. The weather was great but another defeat my 2nd in 2 days….not good. Saying that will try and finish on a positive……our side must be the healthiest team in the league…..they never catch anything! I tried……!

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