Match Report – 3rd XI v Haslingden CC – Saturday 2nd June 2018

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Report by Neil Kennedy
Another weekend, another game. This week saw us make the short distance to Haslingden who hosted this week’s fixture. Unlike the previous week’s fixtures, which were bathed in sunshine, this week’s forecast was very grey. As we made the journey over the A56, the cloud level was very low with minimal visibility…..we cant play cricket in this….albeit if I cant see the ground I wont be able to see the fielding – Joke!. With no rain forecast fingers crossed for the game ahead.
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Team News – a few changes from last week as in comes Andy Brown for his debut for GHCC, Rhys & David Holt & Lee Dobson. Umpire Mick Deasey arrives (he gets around this chap) as we look forward to the game.
Bonus! – it is charity car wash day at the club so can get mine washed…..all these cricket miles I have put in of late!
Fact time! – Haslingden played a major role in the Cotton Industry many years ago….so as the clouds “loom” over me….you may not be following this “thread”…..and maybe this isn’t “sew” funny….and doesn’t have you in “stitches”……..could go on all day!
GHCC win toss and decide to field. Game on;
1st Innings
Captain Ste opens the bowling with Ethan Houldsworth opening from the other end. Early beamer from Ste means the umpires meet in the middle to have a chat. A few good shots being played by the Haslingden Batsmen, one shot resulting in Wayne stopping a 4 with his foot. Early bowling change as Rhys Holt comes on for Ste…Ethan bowling well from the other end. Chance! – dropped catch by Alex off Ethan. Ethan completes his bowling spell….well bowled. 65 – 0 off 15 overs. Andy Brown replaces Ethan.
Incident Alert! – Batsman plays a shot along the ground towards Wayne who bends down to stop the bowl… which point a “Tim Flowers” moment as the bowl hits a divot and bounces over Wayne’s head…..lucky it didn’t hit him in the face.
Drinks! – Haslingden players bring drinks on to the field but unbelievably stand on the boundary making the players walk from one end of the ground to the other to take drinks…..Gamesmanship I question?!
Captain Ste replaces Rhys Holt following Rhys bowling his overs out. Alex replaces Andy Brown. Chance! – dropped catch off bowling of Alex (think that was the 4th dropped catch of the day)!
Wicket! – bowled Alex with a great catch being taken by Rhys Holt on the boundary. 105 – 1. Another Wicket! – bowled Andy for his first wicket in Gt Harwood colours (white!). 110 – 2 Wicket! – bowled Alex stumped Seb. Another Wicket! – bowled Marcus stumped Seb. 185 – 4. Marcus then proceeds to take another wicket caught Rhys on the boundary. The innings closes with Haslingden finishing on 198 – 5.
To summarise the innings Haslingden had the upper hand for first half of innings, although helped with more dropped catches haunting our side. Towards the end of the innings we picked up some late wickets slowing them down to a target that gives us something to go for. I must also state that the innings took 3 hours to complete which must be the slowest innings I have ever watched…..had my mind drifting to George Fomrby’s wife Beryl used to live in Haslingden…..maybe I should be at home cleaning windows……..mmmm (more fact based reporting).
Tea for the players was interesting also….dry ham barm cakes look nice. Not so mush A La Carte….more fallen off the back of a cart! Fish & Chip tea for us spectators……might also nip for a pint with Amos Wilkes!!
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2nd Innings
Owais and Wayne open the batting and get off to a great start with Wayne &Owais making 33 runs off just 3 overs…..i think that is what he said! Early Wicket! – Owais out caught. Ethan replaces him coming in at 3. Wicket! – Wayne out bowled. 33 – 2. Andy Brown comes in at 4…….he gets bout attacking the bowling supported well by young Ethan who is also playing nicely. 43 – 2 after 10 overs….going along nicely…..and thank heavens the over rate is quicker than the 1st innings… aging as I write.
News Alert! – due to slow over rate I have broken my record of lap walks today……going to start charging Mikey for shoe leather!
18 overs pass and we arrive at drinks on 93 – 2 which is very similar to what Haslingden were….going to be close. Post drinks Andy plays a nice shot for 2 runs…..”Oxygen needed” is the shout that comes from Wayne on the sidelines…..are St John’s Ambulance on call?!
Attempt! – Haslingden player takes a catch in that position next to slips but not in the slips (no idea). He honestly states in hit the ground – great sportsmanship from the lad. Well done.Wicket! – Ethan out caught behind……good innings Ethan and well deserved runs. 113 – 3. Seb in.
Milestone! – Andy Brown reaches his 50 to a celebratory round of applause from the 13 of us that were watching. Well done Andy – great debut and addition to the side. Wicket! – Andy out caught shortly after getting his 50…..well done Andy. Someone call the medic!
Dave Holt arrives to the crease but out straight away bowled. Another wicket! – Seb out bowled lbw. 147 – 7.
At this point it is evident we are running out of batsmen and overs as Ste comes in for a final charge at the total, but is out caught leaving us on 150 – 8. Alex and Marcus arrive at the crease late on but game gone. Alex bowled with GHCC finishing the innings on 151 all out.
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Summary of game – this felt like a game following our good start to our innings we had a chance of winning, but overall fair to say Haslingden were fair winners. The way they celebrated after the game made it feel like they had won the world cup! Great addition to the side in Andy Brown’s 1st game for us…..the young lads continue to learn and gain experience and another day we could have won. More dropped catches in the field……but hay ho or as Wayne said “Lovely Jubbely”. On to next week…….

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