Match Report – 3rd XI v Church CC – Away – Saturday 12th May 2018

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Report by Neil Kennedy
For 1 week only I decided to take on the role of Reporter for the day at GHCC 3rds v Church CC away at the West End Ground….one of my favourite grounds….not. Yet again they didn’t disappoint….no bar open as the 2nds & 3rd teams aren’t important to them. Not for us.
When I was asked to go to Church and watch people dressed in white on a Saturday I thought great! 2 Weddings later I realised I was at the wrong place and rushed over to the cricket ground arriving just in time. Prior to the game it was a little manic as we had to manoeuvre the scorebox to allow our scorer Mr Rick Law-Riding to do his favourite job….anyway on to the game…..
The umpires entered the arena one being our Mr Cricket Mick Deasey….the other umpire stating no leg side wides today. Great Harwood lost the toss and were to bat first. Seb Whalley and Joel Houldsworth opening. 2 overs passed and Joel struck the first run. 4 overs in Seb played a nice shot to the leg side for another 2 runs. I then fell asleep and woke up 6 overs in were we had amassed a great total of 10….I love cricket.
Wicket! – Joel clean bowled….Owais in at 3. Another wicket followed, Seb out for 3 in 7th over….6 for 2. Joel Bentham arrived at the crease and proceeded to play some shots, hitting the first 4 of the game in the 12th over. Unfortunately this came to an abrupt halt in the 14th over when Joel was bowled.
There was anticipation in the crowd as Wayne entered the field….some shots will be played now. Owais had also found his range and was playing some nice shots…..he definitely isn’t Owais of Space.
Wicket! – Wayne out caught at that position behind him where umpire stands. 37 for 4 at drinks. MC Ammer in. 21st over….6….great shot. At this point in the game I decided to do that walk all cricketers do….walk round the ground and take in the scenery….dont get it but felt it was necessary. It wasn’t wasted as was joined by 1st Team Captain Mr Houldsworth and his glass back, Mr Perrin and Mr Whalley (the Paul version). As we passed the scoreboard we enjoyed listening to the sound of a cow doing an impression of a car alarm….only at Church!
Anyway…back to the game….50 partnership Owais and Ammer…back in the game. I was a little confused as some of the bowling was a little erratic….although the umpire stated no leg side wides at the start of the game….some of the bowling was wider than Kim Kardashians backside….no wides given!
Wicket! – Ammer out….Big Man in….Alex. Facing opening bowler on his 2nd spell, he was promptly bounced with a short ball into the rib cage….Alex growled at the bowler and batted on. Owais fell next….good knock though and deserved a round of applause for his efforts. Captain Ste in next….played some shots then ourt caught (by someone in white). Ethan arrived to the crease….this team is getting younger….
The innings closed with Ethan and Marcus ensuring we didn’t lose all our wickets – closed on 107 for 9. Tea – and 2 Peronis for 2 Church players as they carried them back to the changing rooms…they must think it is all over!
2nd innings:
Good start as 2nd innings saw Captain Ste open bowling. Joel Houldsworth joined him at the other end….good spells by both. 4th over….Umpire Mick asks Mikey to ask someone in Volvo to turn headlights off….I hate flashers at cricket!
Wicket! – bowled Ste caught Joel Bentham. Another Wicket! – Bowled Joel Houldsworth. This was followed by an attempted diving catch by Marcus off the bowling of Ste….unlucky.
Wicket! – Bowled by Joel Houldsworth. Game on….20 for 3 off 9. Well bowled Joel….he is on fire. Change of bowler as Alex joins the attack with Ethan Houldsworth. Batsman plays a nice shot towards the boundary and the chase is on…..Marcus v Joel Houldsworth. This came at a price as Marcus injured…..sub fielder required….how exciting.
58 for 3 at drinks….a rallying team talk by Ste – come on boys you can do this. Next bowler Thomas Newton on for Alex. Great fielding by Wayne stopping single with a TJ Hooker forward roll….where is the theme music…he went down in instalments.
Ste back on for 2nd spell – 1st bowl wicket caught Wayne 63 for 4. I did my 4th walk round the ground….getting bored of this walk now….will do it clockwise next time. 82 for 4.
MC Ammer on to bowl as a replacement for Ste. Joel Houldsworth also on for 2nd spell. Wicket! – caught behind by Seb with an outstanding diving one handed catch off the bowling of Ammer. Next ball another chance but flicked off Sebs gloves diving to right. “Well done Zeb” called Wayne.
Wicket! – caught and bowled Ammer. Another Wicket! – LBW Joel Houldsworth – 99 for 7. Great bowling by the young man Joel….ends with 3 for 14 off 8. Change of bowler as Ethan joins the attack to close the game out.
Game over. Lost by 3 wickets.
Summary – what must have been one of the youngest sides GHCC have fielded in the 3rd team over the years, the team nearly clutched a victory out of the jaws of defeat. Great effort chaps. I must also state as a parent…the support given to the young lads who are potentially the future of the club by the experienced members of the team is great to see…well done all and Captain Ste who always gives them all a chance. Finally a thankyou to our scorer who did a great job with a smile on his face, Mr Rick Law-Riding….think it was a smile!
As the Pope said to the Nun…..”Great day at Church”.
Over and Out.

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