Match Report – 2nd XI vs Enfield CC – Cliffe Park – 5th May 2019

[vc_row type=”container”][vc_column][vc_column_text]Today sees our near neighbours Enfield visit The Cliffe to take on our 2nd team. Enfield have had a strong start to the season similar to our 2’s, so a close fought game is expected.

What do we know about Enfield…..not being a proper town or place am struggling to share any facts other than….well…’s Chairman is Howard Cook (an old football counterpart of mine) and the club was formed in 1859….and no before anyone asks I checked with Howard and he wasn’t around then!

Their first recorded result was a defeat against my favourite club Church (this club keeps popping up this season), and in 1892 they became founder members of the Lancashire League. That’s about it.

Weather is fine and slightly cloudy, but ground looks well;[/vc_column_text][vc_single_image image=”3782″ img_size=”full” alignment=”center”][vc_column_text]Team news: In comes Hamza for Kaz as he moves up to the 1’s. Other than that same as last week.

Great Harwood to bowl first.

1st Innings:

Cockney to open bowling from the Dog & Otter end. Early chance as batter snips it towards slips but ball flies by the slips.

Ethan to open at the Watson & Ramsbottom scoreboard end.

Event Update:- Looks like a christening also on at the club today. Many cars and people here so should be a good atmosphere. For anyone out there that doesn’t know, Great Harwood CC have a great clubhouse for functions. Please get in contact with club via our website if interested……anyway advertising done…back to the game.


Wicket:– Caught Andy Brown in that position next to the slips (?!)…..Russ declares immediately to the umpire that it bounced….Great Sportsmanship from our team that gets a round of applause from the Enfield contingent. Not out given.

What follows is a nice shot for 6 from the batsman.

Wicket!– caught & bowled by Cockney following a very good spell of bowling. 29-1

Change of bowler as Shovey replaces Ethan. Wicket!- lbw Shovey against his old side from years ago. 33-2. Bash replaces Cockney as score moves on to 59-2 off 21 overs.

Another Wicket:– bowled Bash caught Chris Oddie. 71-3.

Change of bowler Alex for Shovey. Game still moving along at a slow run rate. Shovey then replaces Alex after a short spell. 109-3 12 overs left.

Wicket;– bowled Shovey caught Hamza. 112-4. This is followed by another Wicket:- bowled Shovey caught Russ in slips. Score on 123-5. Change of bowler as Ethan replaces Bash. At the other end Cockney on for Shovey. 153-5

The innings closes following another 15 runs with Enfield closing on 168-5….could have been more in reality so we have a chance.


Interval commences……Mick Deasey comes over and asks if anyone can help with the roller….showing some concerns Daryl Mount asks “What’s up with Russ…”.


2nd Innings:

Shak and Hamza to open for GHCC. We need a good start to attack the score posted by Enfield. Hamza plays what is probably the best shot of the day for 4…..this boosts our hopes. Unfortunately, doesn’t last long as….

Wicket:– Shak bowled for a duck. Score 7-1. Chris Oddie in at 3. A few more shots are played against some tight bowling from Enfield, but……

Wicket:- Chris caught behind. Ethan in at 4. Score moved on to 8-2.

The events that now unfold mean that due to me not going on a recent Creative Writing course, I will struggle to explain. Our score duly moves on to through 16 overs to a grand total of 33-2. I do try and keep these reports interesting but other than stating the above not sure what else to tell you…..other than a new Boyband have appeared at the club and are doing the “players walk” around the pitch… a mix of Oasis (Noony), Morrissey (Joel (Misery)) and……Right Said Fred (Guess Who!);[/vc_column_text][vc_single_image image=”3781″ img_size=”full” alignment=”center”][vc_column_text]Back to the game as there is a Wicket:- Hamza out. 50-3. Russ in next who will hopefully move along the run rate….otherwise we wont reach Enfield’s total till a week next Thursday!!

Wicket:- Ethan out caught & bowled. Score 59-4. A couple of overs later…..Wicket:- Shovey out. 66-5.

Andy Brown in next….hopefully he doesnt take “arrest”……he can “bail” us out…….he doesn’t “cell” us short…….and he takes no prisoners……bored now!

Unfortunately follows another Wicket:- Russell out. 72-6. Cockney in next…reunited again….hopefully no calamitous run outs this week. Someone phone 999 as last week was like a scene from Police Academy 6.

Anyway, fears are muted as Cockney and Andy form a good partnership and are playing some nice shots….6:- Andy Brown. 40 needed off 6 overs. We move on to 130-7, but then there is another Wicket:- Andy out. Seb in next.

Wicket:- Seb out bowled. Bash in. Score on 145-8. Soon becomes 154-9 as Wicket:- Bash out. Final batsman Alex In. Defends first ball as requested by his skipper. Cockney on strike – come on. He goes for it in last over but unfortunately Wicket:- Caught out.

Game over. GHCC lose.

Summary – the game was lost from my opinion in 2 areas, firstly some of the fielding lost us some runs and opportunities, and then the first 16 overs killed us. The run rate was the slowest I have witnessed in my short time watching this sport, to the point that during this I painted a wall and watched it dry. Anyway there is always next week when we can put it right.

New Feature Alert:– For forthcoming reports will name a Player of Match (from my humble opinion). This week the performance of the game goes to Cockney, who bowled well and batted well.

Watch out for next week’s report… I move to the 3rds to report on their match against Rawtenstall.

Neil Kennedy[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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