Match Report – 2nd XI vs Enfield CC – away – Saturday 21st July 2018

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Today we visit our local rivals Enfield CC at the Dill Hall Lane ground. What do we know about our opponents today…..formed in 1859, their first cricket matches were played in 1860 on a portion of the current ground near to the mound on the Clough side. This first recorded match v my favourite club Church was played on May 28th 1860 where Enfield were defeated. In 1892 Enfield CC became founder members of the Lancashire League.
So on to the game….as I arrive with a car full of cricketers sponsored by “Kennedy’s Taxis”, the first words I hear are “Dad can I have £3 subs” as it throw my coins up to the 1st floor changing rooms. Not one caught…good start!. The weather is overcast so looks like it could be a cold one after the recent heatwave.
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Team News!- in come the young guard of Seb Whalley, Alex Kennedy & Ethan Houldsworth along with Tani……whats a match report without advertising Bottom Whiteheads.
Captain Shovey loses the toss and we are put into bat.
Crisis!- only 1 umpire here so we have no 3rd Umpire…as Shovey walks towards me…is this going to be my opportunity to get out into the middle and fire some batters?!….Nope…he has prefilled in the team sheet for our scorer James (what a Captain)….my debut in a cricket match goes away!.
1st Innings
Rhys Holt and Shak to open.
Newsflash!- Bottom Whiteheads at Square Leg Umpire (more advertising)….will do anything to get in match report. Well done Tani.
Wicket!- 2nd bowl of innings and Rhys out bowled. 0-1…Zain in next at 3. Proceeds to play a couple of nice shits but unfortunately falls to a dubious looking LBW decision leaving us on 7-2. Seb Whalley in at 4. No ball to Shak allowing a free hit…which player is going to get it….oh got that wrong he means a free hit of next ball. He swings….he misses…he gets bowled….but stays at the crease. Its all happening.
A very slow start by our lads as we amass the grand total of 10 – 2 off 6 overs. Wicket!- Seb out bowled to a ball that kept very low….Captain Shovey in at 5.
As the game proceeds, I am performing Waiter Service delivering Ethan’s chips….nothing like good preparation before going in to bat.
Comedy Moment!- Leachy states on Group Chat that after seeing the 1s latest score we should all meet in the Welly for a drink at 3pm at this rate!
Weather Update!- Rain starts to fall lightly but play continues…this will help the non-bouncing wicket I am sure. As Tani is replaced at Square Leg Umpire by Ziggy, Shovey settles in playing a couple of nice shots which pleases the crowd watching the game…..all 5 of us.
Wicket!- Shovey out caught to a great catch by Mr Steele for 15. Solo in next….1st shot to the boundary for 4. Not like Solo to go on the attack. Shak is staying put at the other end which we need him to. Wicket!- Solo caught leaving us on 50-5. Adam Newton in next. We get to drinks (thankfully) on 62-5.
Wicket!- immediately after drinks Adam out LBW. Leachy I next…….Leachy out next bowled. 62-7. Ethan Houldsworth to the crease. Meanwhile as wickets fall Shak is on 26 but unfortunately is next to fall caught. Alex Kennedy in next but doesn’t last long as is bowled to another ball that kept very low or didn’t bounce….not the first one today. Final batsman Tani in at 11 but unfortunately also gets bowled as we finish the innings on 64 all out.
Not our best innings to date for sure, but on a wicket that did nothing and didn’t even bounce it was a difficult day at the office. Lets see if we can pee roll them out!
2nd Innings
Delayed start as we await one of the Enfield team to supply a Square Leg Umpire which we get eventually. As this happens I am grabbing a cuppa in the Tea Room and spot a picture from the archives with some GHCC famous faces on….can you see them?
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Bottom Whiteheads to open bowling from the Café end. Zeain to open at the car park end. A tight couple of early overs by both bowlers, especially Bottom Whiteheads as he isn’t giving the batsmen much change…not long “Till” he “Serves” up a wicket…..can we “Counter”…and “Take Stock”…..Solo in slips looks “Off his Trolley”…..i could go on…need to pad out the report at this point if you haven’t guessed!
Great fielding by Ethan as he dives to stop a 4.
Wicket!- bowled Tani. 12-1. Change of bowler at the other end as Adam Newton replaced Zeain on 28-1. Shovey replaces Tani at the other end.
8 overs gone and Enfield need only 10 runs to win.
Wicket!- bowled Adam caught Ethan. 57-2.
Wicket!- bowled Adam caught Seb but only 4 runs needed by Enfield who are cruising to victory.
Game Over.
Summary – We got beat. Another day this season where I will watch 3 Innings as we head back to Great Harwood to catch the end of the 1s game. In hindsight I could have broken my own record as that game also finished early and could have made it easily to Rishton CC to watch my nephew play against Todmorden…but I didn’t.
Over and Out….literally!

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