Match Report – 2nd XI v Nelson CC – Cliffe Park – Sunday 17th June 2018

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This week we welcomed Nelson CC to The Cliffe after last few weeks doing my roving reporter role from various grounds around the Lancashire League… Dorothy said…..”There’s no place like home”!
So what about our visitors today…
Historical News!- Nelson was an Industrial Mill town in the 20th Century, but wasn’t just known for mills, it was also a producer of confectionary such as Jelly Babies & Victory V. Was also the home of Airtours Travel Company….so lets hope today we have a ”Sweet” “Victory” and we are flying high at the end of the game.
Fact!- Famous people bourne from Nelson include Bernie Calvert of “Hollies” fame (no he isn’t my brother) and Eric Knowles of Antiques Roadshow fame….wouldnt mind him pricing up some of the antiques we have in our squad!
Finally the team today have no connection to the famous Admiral Lord Nelson….but lets hope we get a “HMS Victory” today…….bored now!
Squad News in in comes Mas Ahmed who replaces Russ Whalley as Captain. Ammer comes in for Leachy.
GHCC to bat first. Today is cold and damp but good luck lads;
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1st Innings
The Masood brothers Harris and Adam to open batting. We get off to a great start and the batters look to be getting settled. 17-0 off 5 overs. What follows is a string of appeals from the Nelson team especially the wicketkeeper….more appeals than OJ Simpson. Harris and Adam ignore the appeals and continue to bat well…..4 from Harris….Sniper!- fielder appears to be taken out from someone in the trees as he falls chasing a boundary. 45-0 off 10 overs.
Wicket!- Adam caught out for 23. In comes Captain Mas at 3. Another Wicket follows shortly after, Harris out caught for 33 by a great catch. Chris Oddie in at 4.
95-2 at Drinks. Just prior to this on one of “cricketer walks”, Ammer asks me when are they having drinks…..i must look like a waiter today. Possibly this is because I am at these matches that much they think I am on the committee…..bit like Mikey with hair maybe!
Wicket!- Chris out caught. 113-3. Solo in who proceeds to contribute a quickfire 21 before also being caught. Shovey in next and we proceed to 152-4 off 27 overs. Shovey is out next caught on the boundary and Shak arrives at the crease.
Wicket!- Unfortunately Shak doesn’t last long and is out for 1 bowled. In comes Rhys who eventually gets stumped. Score 172-7. Time for some “Ammer Time”. He proceeds to hit a massive 6 into the Nets but is then duly bowled with what seemed to be a full toss. 179-8. Bottom Whiteheads is in next whilst Mas is approaching his 50 having played some majestic shots…..can he get there and can Tani help him. Mas does get his 50 with both Mas and Tani playing some nice shots….Mas duly applauded by what appears to be his Groupies on the sideline attending a Christening. Well batted Captain.
We finish on 216 for 9
2nd Innings
Harris opens bowling at the Dog & Otter end whilst Tani opens at the Watson Ramsbottom scoreboard end (Disgraceful use of advertising again).
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Chance!- off the bowling of Tani, potential catch for Solo…..goes through his “Hans”. 23-0 off 10 overs. The slow run rate by Nelson is due to the strong bowling from Harris and Tani as they have appeared to peg their batsmen back and runs are few and far between.
Change of attack as Adam comes on for Tani and Shovey comes on for Harris….Nelson now on 34-0 off 14 overs. At last Wicket!- bowled by Adam. 38-1.
How the rain is staying away is a mystery as the hills in the distance begin to disappear from sight….playing cricket in this cold and damp weather should be banned….it’s too cold to watch. We are also in danger of breaking the habit of me watching 3 innings in a day like previous weeks. Wonder what the weather is like in Costa Del Nelson.
61-2 at drinks. At this interval I must state we look really good in the filed today albeit a couple of dropped catches….hopefully don’t speak too soon.
Change of bowler as Alex comes on for Shovey.
Wicket!- bowled Adam caught Shovey….good hands. Another Wicket!- bowled Alex LBW. 94-4. I may have spoken too soon at drinks as a couple of dropped catches from Alex but we continue to restrain their batsmen from getting many runs as the run rate is nearer 10 per over now.
Ammer come sin to bowl replacing Adam – Wicket!- caught Solo. 115-5. Shak replaces Alex at the other end……I now notice that one of the Umpires has a sponsor of on his jacket….not seen that before. Another change of bowler as Rhys replaces Shak.
Wicket!- bowled Ammer. 156-6. Ammer proceeds to get his 3rd wicket caught behind eventually by Mas. Nelson finish on 172-7.
Summary – well firstly it is great to watch a cricket match that goes the full distance following previous weeks games. Also good to see the Nelson lads stay behind for a drink afterwards. A good game and great win for our 2’s. Well done lads…..Russ – they did you proud. On to next week against our local rivals Rishton.
Over & Out.

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