Match Report – 2nd XI v Middleton – Away – Sunday 27th May 2018

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Report by Neil Kennedy
This job is getting ridiculous now…..from penning a tongue in cheek Cricket Report which I thought would be a different take on the sport and the game….mixed with Alex getting a surprise call up to play in the 2nds….I now find myself having to pen 2 reports this weekend. I need a PA!
Squad news – 2 changes to the original side, In comes Mas Ahmed and Alex Kennedy for Russ Whalley and Dave Kendall.
Pre match warm up – entails me taking in the sights of Middleton Town Centre on the way to a ground that is new to me. Arriving at the ground bathed in sunlight, it looks immaculate. I heard the rumour that Lancashire CC A team play here and it is a training facility for groundsman (again you don’t get these facts in your local rag!). The wicket is white….not sure what that means but allegedly it means it is a batting track…..maybe not as things pan out as you will read later!.
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GHCC lose the toss and Middleton decide to have a bat. Also good news in that the game starts early at 12:45pm….may get that beer after all.
Just before game starts our scorer James O’Doherty drops his pound coin in the grass….the hunt is on. Never to be found decided to include him in the match report to make up for his loss of money. Here you go James;
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1st Innings
Tani (“Bottom Whiteheads”) to open bowling with Zain opening at the other. Not a brilliant start as Middleton amass 19 – 0 off just 2 overs. Doesn’t help with one of the boundaries like an u15’s boundary… and Willy Houldsworth doing more fielding than our team!!
Wicket! – Zain caught & bowled – well done young man. A missed chance as the bowl glances off the bat to Mas in slips – difficult chance. Another Wicket! – bowled Zain caught Solo. How he caught that whilst also managing to eat “young Dobbo’s” crisps he pinched at the end of the 3rd over I don’t know….multi-tasking at it’s best. 34 – 2. Great shot from the batsman has Dobbo diving to his right to stop a 4 – went down in installements….hope he gets up. Wicket! – bowler Zain again caught Jack. Change of bowler with Jack replacing Zain – great spell of bowling from Zain.
71 – 3 at drinks.
Drinks is followed by change of bowlers as we try and mix things up with Joel Houldsworth coming on at one end and and Adam Masood at the other. Another change as Alex Kennedy comes on to replace Joel as Adam switches ends….all getting technical now. What now proceeds appears to be a spinning masterclass as Adam and Alex seem to get the better of the batsmen. I must take some credit at this point as I advise Adam his Dad playing for the 1st’s has got 2 wickets and he cant allow him to get more than him. Wicket! – bowled Adam LBW. 129 – 4. Another Wicket! – bowled Alex. 129 – 5. Another wicket! – bowled Alex caught Captain Mas. 152 – 7.
Change of bowler – Tani on for Alex. Wicket! – bowled Bottom Whiteheads caught Tesco….sorry I mean Dobbo! 183 – 8. Change of bowler Jack back on for Adam who has bowled out his 12 overs – can I say at this point Adam deserved more wickets as bowled excellently.
Injury Alert! – Jack has hurt his finger which turned out to be broken and fractured….unlucky mate.
End of Innings – finished on 234 – 8. Summary of innings Middleton started well but we managed to get on top in the middle of the innings but then down to some very good batting they moved the total on to a very good score. It didn’t help dropping their main man roughly 4 times! We will have to be at our best to win this I fear. Not sure where this ground is in relation to Manchester but during that innings must’ve heard 7 lots of sirens passing the ground – like playing cricket in Beirut!
2nd Innings
Right before I start this section of the report becomes very challenging due to events that proceed to take place on the field of play for the next hour or 2!. Will do my best.
Chris Oddie and Adam Masood to open batting….come on boys lets give this a real good go.
1st over some really nice shots played by Adam as we reach 13 – 0 off 1 over. Wicket! – Chris out bowled. Jack in at 3 but unfortunately out caught (must say that Jack was very brave to come to the crease with only 9 fingers!). 18 – 2.
Joel in – Joel out….unlucky this week as he is caught off his helmet (New rule alert as I never knew you could be out for heading it (sorry football term)). 18 – 3….this isn’t looking very good! Wicket! – Adam follows. 18 – 4. Solo arrives at the crease…….Solo arrives back in the clubhouse as another wicket falls. 22 – 5 this is becoming a collapse. Shak in – Shak out…in out…in out…Shak it all about. 26 – 6. Zain in. Dobbo padding up;
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Wicket! – Zain out caught. The returning Dobbo comes to the crease. 26 – 7. Wicket! – Mas out – played on. Tani in but then out shortly after caught. Last man standing is Alex as he comes in at 11. Watching from afar it looks like “Mop & Bucket” as Dobbo towers over Alex. Unfortunately doesn’t last longs as Dobbo is out caught.
Game ends with Gt Harwood finishing on 45 all out.
Don’t know who is more disappointed with this result, us or the 100 or so people sat around the ground watching the game! This was a very disappointing performance for our 2nd team with some highlights only….Adam bowled well and batted well….Zain bowled very well for his wickets…but all in all it wasn’t good.
Personally, enjoyed visiting Middleton CC who were a very friendly bunch of people who made us very welcome…just unfortunate we couldn’t give them a game. Anyway back to the cricket handbook for me….Chapter 5…..”What does a White Wicket mean?”.

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