Match Report – 2nd XI v Darwen CC – Away – Saturday 9th June 2018

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Report by Neil Kennedy
Due to Alex selection in 2nds this week, my journey planner went into meltdown as Cherry Tree was off the menu, and had to divert to a 2nd visit in 2 days to Darwen CC (or “Darren” as it is known to locals) following my visit the evening before at the 20/20.
As we arrived at the ground it was evident we are playing on the wicket used for the 20/20 which was described as “a road” by one of the Darwen contingent……if my memory serves me right from the Middleton game this means we should bat first….i think?!
As we wait for some of our players to arrive, I have a wander around the ground with Mr Houldsworth (the Joel Grandad version) who is becoming my regular spectator partner at weekends.
Fact!- from the clubhouse end of the ground a great view of the Jubilee Tower overlooking Darwen which was completed in 1898 to commemorate Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee.
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Squad news – a strong team out today so hopefully we can give “Darren” a good game with only the addition of Alex into the squad.
GHCC win the toss and decide to bat on “t’ road”
1st Innings
The Masood brothers to open batting which unfortunately doesn’t go too well as Adam is given out in the 1st over LBW, which looked a very poor decision from where I was and sure he also got bat on it.
Solo joins Harris at the crease….but as his name states faces a solo bowl and is bowled…..this isn’t a great start as players who have set off on the obligatory walk around the field start returning early to the changing rooms…..0-2.
Chris Oddie in at 4. We have some runs on the board as Harris plays a fine shot to…..the boundary – 4. Unfortunately, shortly after this Harris falls out caught and we are 22-3. Russ is directing events from the dressing rooms and in comes Joel Houldsworth at 5.
Again the momentum is broken as Chris is out bowled by their opening bowler is is doing one hell of a long stint. Shovey in at 6. Joel, who had seen off their opening bowler, then nicks one to the keeper from the new bowler from the clubhouse end. 34-5. Captain Russ joins Shovey in the middle.
54-5 at drinks……following drinks Shovey and Russ retain a level of stability as more runs get on the board as we move to 68-5 off18 overs. Wicket!- Shovey falls out bowled at 71-6. In comes Shak but quickly followed by Russ wicket falling LBW. Leachy in next at 71-7.
Wicket!- Shak out caught 78-8. Alex joins Leachy in at 10 only for Leachy to lose his wicket. Last but not least Bottom Whiteheads (Tani) joins Alex who had seen out their bowler for an over, but didn’t last long as final wicket falls of Tani leaving our total innings score of 79-9.
Unfortunately not a good day at the office for our 2s today…..and not good for me as not sure what else I can write about (hopefully nobody has notice the excessive use of paragraphs in this report to pad it out a bit!)
2nd Innings
Although Darwen CC haven’t much to chase hopefully we can frustrate them and make them work for it….
Tani opens bowling and starts well….
Wicket!- bowled Tani caught Russ…..great start….can we?
Harris opens bowling at the clubhouse end as Darwen start to stamp their authority on the game very quickly. Several overs go by and then a bowling change as Leachy comes on for Harris and Adam comes on for Tani.
Some good exchanges with the bat and bowl but no more wickets are following as the batsmen are looking strong.
Bowling change as Alex come son for Leachy with circa 20 runs required.
Game over as Darwen reach their total after 15 overs………..ouch!
Time for picture I think to pad this section out a little……..
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Summary of game……we lost……and 2nd time this season I have managed to watch 3 innings in 1 day as we managed to get back to watch our 1st team in the reverse fixture to this game….unfortunately that didn’t end well either….but will leave that to someone else to report on.
Worth a mention that Darwen CC are a very good side….or as they say “proper reet gud”, and made us very welcome and were all very friendly…..well done Darwen CC and good luck in the rest of your season.

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