Match Report – 2nd vs Clitheroe CC – Away – Saturday 18th August 2018

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After time off for good behaviour, and a 2 week break I am back to it today as we visit Clitheroe.
Fact time!- What do we know about our hosts Clitheroe….The town’s most notable building is Clitheroe Castle. The Castle is alleged to be the smallest Norman keep in the whole of England. It stands on top of a 35-metre outcrop of limestone and is one of the oldest buildings in Lancashire. It is also the only remaining castle in the county which had a royalist garrison during the English Civil War. Bet you didn’t know that.
Famous People from the area are Michael Bisping, UFC World Middleweight Champion and Jimmy Clitheroe a comedian well known for his radio shows, who was born in the town…..Let’s hope we put up a good fight and it isn’t a comedy show.
Team News – people on holiday and unavailable so all change (best summary I could give)
Weather – overcast.
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1st Innings:
Gt Harwood to bat first.
NewsFlash – didn’t think Jason Kayley was playing today as looks like he has turned up late…
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Cameron Holt and Ben Rogers to open.
Early Appeal for LBW…umpire remains unmoved.
Early Wicket!- Cameron out bowled. 0-1. Joel in at 3
Another Wicket!- Ben caught behind. 17-2. Here comes Captain Russ in at 4.
Russ wastes no time and hits a 4 over mid square leg long off…..or something similar (still learning).
Spectator News!- Ammer and Tani walk by….Ammer padded up. MC Ammer asks am I writing match report….I reply, as the song goes “No Stopping Us”.
Wicket!- Joel out bowled. 32-3. Dave Holt in at 5. Russ looks set here and playing some great shots.
6!- good shot Russ.
6!- good shot Russ. (Bit repetitive but penning as it happens).
Newsflash!- wasp alert near changing rooms as a few of our players are dancing around….namely Ammer, Tani & Marcus…play some music now and looks like a bad rave!!
Injury Alert!- all that dancing means Tani gets stung on his thumb. He’s “buzzing” about it!
Wicket!- Dave out caught. 61-4.
Rhys Holt in next…..more holts in this game than a village of otters!!
Wicket!- Russ out bowled. 65-5. Ammer in
Newsflash!- been asked to explain scoreboard by some spectators…..made it up but convinced them.
Wicket!- Rhys out stumped. 83-6.
Here come the young guard starting with Joel Bentham in at 8.
Wicket!- Joel out bowled. Alex in at 9.
6!- Ammer time. 101 – 7. Chance!- Run out – not out. 4 for Alex moving us to 115-7.
Wicket!- Alex caught. Marcus in.
Wicket!- Marcus run out.
Wicket!- Ammer out c&b
We finish on 125 all out
2nd Innings:
Tani to open bowing at the clubhouse end whilst Ammer to open bowling…from the Castle end.
Their batsmen make a very good start and soon 30 runs on board.
Wicket!- bowled Ammer. 44-1.
Again their batsmen attack our boswling moving to 51-1.
Great diving stop in field from Dad Holt
Change bowler Cam replaces for Tani.
Wicket!- bowled Ammer caught Dave. 51-2
Change bowler Alex for Ammer. Struggles with the wet conditions.
Wicket!- bowled Cam. 63-3
Change of bowler Marcus for Alex. Good first over. 89-3 off 15
Change bowler Joel B on for Cameron. 108-3 off 16
Batsmen continue scoring well as they close in on total. 116-3. Looking like another 3 Innings day for me!
Game over after just 20 overs.
Summary – Well beaten today unfortunately. Damp conditions played their part. Good performance by young Marcus Hamer with the ball.

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