Match Report – 1st XI vs Bacup CC – Cliffe Park – 28th April 2019

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After last weeks defeat away to Middleton we were hoping the second game of the season against Bacup on our own turf (not moor) would have a different outcome… didn’t!
After winning the toss (wonders will never cease) and putting Bacup in to bat (wrong decision if you ask me) we actually started quite well. No early wickets but restricted Bacup to around 3 per over for the first 10 or so overs. First wicket fell with the score on 34, Santa (pro) with his first at home, LBW. Another 30 odd stand and our second wicket, caught backstop, bowled Maher (unfortunately not Bacups pro). A stand of 60 odd before the next wicket fell, caught backstop, bowled pro, 133-3 (unfortunately not Bacups pro). A stand of 40 odd then our next wicket, good death bowling from the pro, bowled, 179-4. We eventually got the pro out with the score on 205, again bowled by Santa. Soon after, Bacup’s innings finished on 209-5 after their allotted 50 overs.
In the main I thought we bowled and fielded well. There were a few chips by the batters into gaps and not to hand and a couple of dubious umpiring decisions not given. If these had gone our way we may have been chasing a few less runs!
Unlike Neil, I’m not going to say anything about our teas as there was none left by the time I managed to take my boots off.
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Now for our innings:
We started slowly mainly due to tight bowling and a slow sticky wicket. Bacup had a plan and executed it perfectly. They decided to take their pro off early and save him for the better batters (Bunny overheard them say this). 12-1, Bunny out LBW. 35-2, Zeainy baby LBW, 36-3 skipper out caught. Chipmunk/vice out next for a grafting 35.
“It’s effing well hard out there” was his advice as I passed him on the way in to bat!
He wasn’t wrong!
Me and Santa struggled to find the gaps, always hitting the boundary fielders (another well executed Bacup plan – defending their total well).
We had a brief chat in the middle about next plan of action. I suggested Santa stay there until the end and I adopt one of Newy’s favourite cricketing odes  of “There’s no fielders in the sky”.
Unfortunately Santa was out soon after (26) and although there aren’t fielders in the sky if you don’t hit the ball far enough you get caught out (me gone for 24). This left us on 120-6. Jack and Briggsy battled hard, attempted to run each other out again, and got us up to 138 before Tweaky (Apparently Rishton’s nickname for him) was bowled (13). Faheem came in, played some nice shots but couldn’t pierce the field and was out for 2, 155-8. Jack plugged away until he was out to an absolute Jaffa which didn’t bounce and nearly took his head off. Caught, no no ball given – cue cries from the crowd consisting of many profanities directed at the umpires who apparently need to discuss whether a Beamer at neck height passed Jack at waist height.
Rant over, both William and Joseph learnt approximately 20 new swear words in as many seconds whilst innocently eating their burger and chips.
Newy (6) and Stu (6) came in and helped creep us to within 40 of Bacups total. We finished on 170-9 and got 2 points. We’re on the board and not bottom of the league!
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In conclusion, we bowled and fielded quite well, not sure how they managed to get up to 209 but I think the main area for improvement is partnerships when batting. Not sure how many of you have actually read everything down to this point, or if you’re that bothered, but when reporting on Bacup’s innings I highlighted their batting partnerships of 30’s, 40 and 60. Once a wicket fell they recovered, played themselves in and built partnerships.
That’s my take on it anyway.
Onwards and upwards for next weeks grudge match against our former captain.
Good luck to all our sides next weekend.

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