Match Report – 1st XI v Greenmount CC – JW Lees Lancashire League – Brandlesholme Road – Sun 28 May 2023

This week’s guest match report is brought to you by Sid Waddell*

Ladies and gentlemen, gather ’round and fasten your seatbelts because we have a cricketing rollercoaster unfolding at Brandlesholme Road! Greenmount and Great Harwood are locked in a fierce battle in the Lancashire League Division Two, and it’s nothing short of a sporting extravaganza!

Greenmount, those fiery warriors, won the toss and decided to showcase their batting might. And boy, did they unleash an assault of epic proportions! GJ Snyman, the South African sensation, transformed into a batting colossus, smiting the ball to all corners of the ground with absolute disdain! He swung that willow like a mythical hammer, pulverizing the bowlers with every thunderous stroke! Boundaries flowed like a raging river, and sixes soared into the stratosphere! Snyman’s knock of 158 runs off just 88 deliveries was an absolute symphony of power and precision, with 15 boundaries and a jaw-dropping 10 monstrous sixes!

But wait, my friends, the fireworks didn’t stop there! EG Williams, the dashing cavalier, took center stage and unleashed a flurry of strokes that left us in awe! With a flick of his magical wand, he sent the ball dancing through the field, evading fielders like a mischievous sprite! His innings was a delightful concoction of elegance and audacity, as he plundered 67 runs off 68 balls, including 9 delightful fours and a mighty six that made the heavens tremble!

AP Kerr and T Heaton, like valiant warriors, joined the run-fest and contributed with gritty knocks of 41 and 52 runs respectively, showing nerves of steel in the face of the opposition’s onslaught. The Greenmount innings was a veritable run-spree, culminating in a mammoth total of 429 runs!

Now, it was Great Harwood’s turn to respond, and my word, did they put up a fight! AM Kennedy, the courageous knight, led the charge with a valiant 67 runs, showcasing his mastery with a blend of elegant strokes and brute force. RB Willets and MD Oddie added their own flavors to the mix with knocks of 29 and 19 runs respectively, refusing to bow down to the mounting pressure.

But in the face of Greenmount’s mountainous target, it was SNT de Silva who emerged as a glimmer of hope for Great Harwood. The Pro dug deep and unleashed an array of audacious shots that left the opposition astounded! With 68 runs off just 43 balls, including 4 scorching fours and a breathtaking 5 sixes, de Silva showcased his class and resilience.

However, despite the valiant efforts of Great Harwood, they fell short of the target, reaching a commendable total of 346 runs. The match was an absolute spectacle of skill, passion, and drama that will be etched in our memories forever!

So, my friends, let’s raise our glasses to both teams for their incredible display of cricketing prowess! Greenmount, the masters of mayhem, prevailed with a victory by a margin of 83 runs. Great Harwood, the fearless warriors, fought with all their might but ultimately succumbed to the Greenmount onslaught.

And there you have it, ladies and gentlemen, a cricketing extravaganza that will be talked about for years to come! The sheer talent, the high-octane action, and the spirit of the game were on full display today. This is Sid, signing off with a smile, reminding you to savor the magic of sport and keep the flame of competition alive!


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