Match Report – 1st XI v Accrington CC – JW Lees Lancashire League – Evolve Document Solutions Cliffe Park – Sun 21 May 2023

This week’s match report is brought to you by guest reporter, Brian Blessed*

By Jove, what a sensational showdown we witnessed at The Evolve Document Solutions Cliffe Park! It was a match to make the heavens quake and the very earth tremble with excitement. Great Harwood CC locked horns with Accrington CC in a clash of colossal proportions, and by the beard of Zeus, it did not disappoint!

The gods of cricket smiled upon Great Harwood CC as they won the toss and elected to unleash their batting fury upon the mortal realm. The gallant duo of Caleb Greenhalgh and Muhammad Ismheel Shakeel strode forth, ready to do battle. But lo and behold, the cricketing deities had other plans in store!

In a thunderous display of bowling prowess, Jacob Clarke thundered down the pitch and cast his fiery delivery upon Muhammad Ismheel Shakeel, sending him back to the pavilion without scoring a single run! The crowd gasped, lightning crackled in the air, and the stage was set for an epic clash.

Undeterred by the celestial intervention, Caleb Greenhalgh stood like a mountain, defying the forces of nature. With a mighty swing of his willow, he rained down boundaries upon the field, accumulating a valiant 35 runs off 70 balls. But alas, his heroics were not enough to withstand the onslaught of the Accrington CC bowlers.

Enter Matt Oddie, a warrior of the crease, with his steely resolve and unwavering determination. With a swing of his blade, he launched a counterattack against the Accrington CC bowlers, crafting a majestic 56 runs off 120 deliveries, including four boundaries and a resounding six that echoed through the heavens.

But the battle was far from over! Thikshila De Silva emerged from the Great Harwood ranks like a tempest, wielding his bat with the fury of a whirlwind. His willow sang a mesmerizing tune as he unleashed a flurry of boundaries, amassing a whirlwind 50 runs off a mere 54 balls. The crowd erupted in wild applause, and the gods themselves looked down in awe.

Yet, the cricketing fates are a fickle bunch, and tragedy struck as Reece Willets fell for a duck, caught by Richard Williams off the cunning bowling of Ben Gorton. But fear not, for the heroics continued with Jake Peake, who blazed a trail with his swashbuckling knock of 21 runs off just 20 balls, including two thunderous boundaries and a mighty six that sent shockwaves across the field.

Amidst the chaos, Hammad Amin emerged as the epitome of calmness, standing tall with an unbeaten 9 runs off 13 balls. And in a breathtaking finale, Kasir Masood joined the fray and unleashed a storm upon the Accrington CC bowlers, smashing 42 runs off a mere 19 balls, including three titanic fours and three towering sixes! The crowd erupted in ecstasy as Great Harwood CC finished their innings with a commendable total of 223 runs for the loss of 6 wickets in their allotted 50 overs.

But hold onto your helmets, for Accrington CC was not about to surrender! With fire in their eyes and determination in their hearts, they embarked on their chase, hungry for victory. Jacob Clarke, a batsman of mythical proportions, strode forward with the grace of a panther, ready to conquer.

Boundaries flew like arrows from his willow, and he battled valiantly, crafting a majestic 62 runs off 103 balls, with eight resounding boundaries to his name. But the Great Harwood warriors fought back, led by the indomitable Stuart Maher, whose bowling prowess knew no bounds. He snatched two wickets with a flourish, dismissing both Siraj Hussain and Kian Farnworth, sending shockwaves through the Accrington ranks.

Great Harwood CC possessed another hero in the form of Thikshila De Silva. With the fury of a storm, he unleashed his bowling magic upon the Accrington CC batsmen, claiming four vital wickets for 74 runs in his spell of 15 overs. Lightning crackled in his eyes as he weaved a web of uncertainty around the opponents.

Though wickets fell like autumn leaves, the Accrington warriors stood tall. Ali Hasham fought gallantly, adding 17 runs to the tally, while Andrew Greenwood unleashed a barrage of strokes, scoring a rapid-fire 17 runs off just 14 balls. Graeme Sneddon and Yousuf Ali joined the fray, offering their support and keeping the flame of hope burning bright.

And then, in a crescendo of glory, Mohammed Tayyib emerged as the savior of Accrington CC. With a thunderous roar, he bludgeoned an unbeaten 35 runs off a mere 17 balls, including six mighty boundaries and a colossal six that left the field quaking in its wake! With the support of the lower order, he guided Accrington CC to a breathtaking victory, reaching the target of 224 runs with a mere 9 balls to spare.

The cricketing gods themselves applauded the valiant efforts of both teams, for they had witnessed a contest for the ages. Great Harwood CC fought with unwavering spirit, their blades shining bright, while Accrington CC rose to the occasion, exhibiting skill, determination, and the heart of champions.

By all the thundering gods, it was a match that will be etched in the annals of cricketing legend!

*this may not be true

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