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Lancashire League Stats

Below is a list of all players to represent Great Harwood CC 1st XI in the Lancashire League

Each Player to represent the club is allocated a number, based on their date of appearance in the Lancashire League. This number will belong to that player forever, no other player will share it.

Numbers 1 (Patrick Swanney) and 2 (Allan Armer) were our captain and vice captain in our first ever Lancashire League game away at Colne CC on 16th April 2017, with numbers 3 to 11 comprising the batting order that day in order of appearance.

1Patrick Swanney16-04-17Colne (a)20
2Allan Armer16-04-17Colne (a)15
3Mahsooq Ahmed16-04-17Colne (a)10
4Hamim Miah16-04-17Colne (a)20
5Ashen Silva (pro)16-04-17Colne (a)20
6Paul Houldsworth16-04-17Colne (a)17
7Yousuf Ali16-04-17Colne (a)16
8Matthew Bunn16-04-17Colne (a)10
9Adam Masood16-04-17Colne (a)9
10Paul Newton16-04-17Colne (a)16
11Stuart Maher16-04-17Colne (a)19
12Russell Whalley23-04-17East Lancs (h)3
13Sohail Ali14-05-17Haslingden (h)2
14Christian Oddie14-05-17Haslingden (h)7
15Matthew Oddie20-05-17Bacup (a)14
16David Kendal28-05-17Clitheroe (h)3
17Richard Shovelton03-06-17Todmorden (a)1
18Cameron Holt18-06-17Lowerhouse (a)2
19Phillip Aspinall01-07-17Darwen (a)7
20Tim Holden01-07-17Darwen (a)1
21Harris Masood16-07-17Rawtenstall (a)8

Batting statistics for Great Harwood CC 1st XI in the Lancashire League

#NameInningsNot OutsRunsBalls FacedAverageStrike RateHigh Score4s6s50s100s
1Patrick Swanney19222749713.3545.674532000
2Allan Armer15221228916.3173.367429710
3Mahsooq Ahmed90511565.6732.69128000
4Hamim Miah17025627715.0692.4262201810
5Ashen Silva (pro)193779119548.6965.199289680
6Paul Houldsworth15229947023.0063.624241300
7Yousuf Ali15516734016.7049.123311300
8Matthew Bunn90662107.3331.43189000
9Adam Masood6124844.8028.57120000
10Paul Newton103491107.0044.55203100
11Stuart Maher1396010015.0060.0018*5100
12Russell Whalley2016378.0043.24163000
13Sohail Ali20452.0080.0041000
14Christian Oddie5113573.2522.8170000
15Matthew Oddie14115239911.6938.102721000
16David Kendal10161.0016.6710000
17Richard Shovelton10010.000.0000000
18Cameron Holt000000000
19Phillip Aspinall60411556.8326.45204000
20Tim Holden102142.0014.2920000
21Harris Masood5021904.2023.33123000

Bowling statistics for Great Harwood CC 1st XI in the Lancashire League

#NameOversMaidensRuns ConcededWicketsAverageEcon. RateStrike RateBest Bowling5 wkts
1Patrick Swanney000000
2Allan Armer000000
3Mahsooq Ahmed000000
4Hamim Miah000000
5Ashen Silva (pro)228348374219.933.6732.606/482
6Paul Houldsworth106203941135.823.7257.823/240
7Yousuf Ali380263737.576.9232.572/150
8Matthew Bunn402807.000/120
9Adam Masood272116338.674.3054.002/120
10Paul Newton11155121242.674.6155.503/240
11Stuart Maher194327452529.803.8546.485/201
12Russell Whalley000000
13Sohail Ali000000
14Christian Oddie000000
15Matthew Oddie261147273.505.6578.002/330
16David Kendal11155155.005.0066.001/320
17Richard Shovelton11057319.005.1822.003/570
18Cameron Holt000000
19Phillip Aspinall482212923.564.4032.113/280
20Tim Holden000000
21Harris Masood19186614.334.5319.004/190

Fielding statistics for Great Harwood CC 1st XI in the Lancashire League

#NameCatchesStumpingsRun Outs
1Patrick Swanney401
2Allan Armer550
3Mahsooq Ahmed000
4Hamim Miah601
5Ashen Silva (pro)901
6Paul Houldsworth500
7Yousuf Ali100
8Matthew Bunn200
9Adam Masood200
10Paul Newton401
11Stuart Maher300
12Russell Whalley100
13Sohail Ali000
14Christian Oddie620
15Matthew Oddie400
16David Kendal000
17Richard Shovelton000
18Cameron Holt000
19Phillip Aspinall300
20Tim Holden000
21Harris Masood400