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Ahead of the season, GHCC Fantasy Cricket is back for the first time in several years.

Play GHCC Fantasy Cricket 2018

You have £55m to pick a team of 11 from our own players, and throughout the season, individual performances will define how well your team does.
Points are scored for runs scored, wickets taken, catches stumpings and run outs, with bonuses for 50s, 100s,  maidens and 5-fers. 
Penalties will be incurred for ducks and bowlers conceding over 50 runs without taking a wicket.
There are unlimited transfers upto the start of the season, so no penalty for entering a team early. Once the season has started, teams are allowed one free transfer per game week.
Entry is £5. All you need to do is click on the link, sign up and pick your team.

Play GHCC Fantasy Cricket 2018

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