Chairman’s New Year Message for 2019

Hello to you all. I trust that you had a wonderful Christmas and may I wish you and your family a Happy & Prosperous New Year for 2019.

As we move towards 2019, may I take the opportunity to thank all members, supporters, players and visitors to our club throughout 2018. We were blessed with an exceptional summer, and whilst the performances of our senior teams did not meet the high expectations we set ourselves, our blossoming junior teams were again extremely successful across the age groups. Long may that continue!

I’d also like to thank all our sponsors and advertisers without whom we would not be in a position to provide the facilities we have on offer, both for playing and watching cricket.

I’d also like to thank our Club Welfare Officers, and the management committee for all their hard work which to most goes unnoticed and by many, is badly under-appreciated.

But as we look towards the New Year, I want to share with you a little about what this great club of ours can offer each and every one of you.

New Year Message

This club is here to provide you all with wonderful facilities to watch and play cricket. But I want to share with you exactly what this club can offer you, if you properly embrace it.

This year was my 30th year at this club; some members, both young and much older, are just starting out, whilst others have been here much longer than I have, as players, coaches and club officials.

I have been fortunate enough to receive excellent coaching when I was young, and have played with so many people I now call my closest friends. It was an honour to take my 750th league wicket for the club this season.

But it is not just in playing cricket which this club has provided for me for the last three decades. It has given me so much more.

Over those years the club has undergone so many fantastic changes, benefitted from so much investment, and so many good people have given their time for the benefit of others.

For 15 years I have been formally involved in helping this club off the field to thrive both on and off it. But it has helped me in so many other ways. It’s given me so much pleasure to represent this club on the field, but I have learnt so much in helping out off the field.

When you volunteer at a club like this, you receive so much in return.

For the younger players and members, perhaps those coming towards the stage in their life where they need to decide their future careers; volunteering here looks great on your CV. It certainly helped me get ahead in life; my involvement here was a big plus on my CV when I applied for my first job, a job at a business I now own with my partners.

It has helped me learn new skills I would never have learned elsewhere. I’m a pen pusher by trade but have found myself building gardens, filling potholes and scarifying wickets to name just the tip of the iceberg.

It always feels good to learn something new, and then to do it well.

It feels good to give up your time for something that benefits many other people, as well as yourself. It really does.

Until you have given up your time, expertise or knowledge and helped towards the greater good, you will never know just how good it feels.

I am one of the youngest cricket club chairmen around, likely the youngest in this club’s history. And like me, the majority of our committee have demanding full time jobs, families to support, children and grandchildren to care for. But they still find the time to give what they can and provide for this wonderful club.

Everyone on our management committee here are wonderful, wonderful people. They give up countless hours for everyone’s benefit; we all give what we can, but importantly, we all enjoy it immensely.

It is unbelievably rewarding to do something regularly that helps others. And, if you want to, we are happy for you to join us and share that brilliant feeling.

You may have some free time. Your parents might have free time. Grandparents. Uncles. Cousins. Everyone is welcome here.

This is Great Harwood Cricket Club. It does give you a place to play cricket, of course, one of the best places in fact.

But, if you allow it to, it can give you so much more.

So if you can offer some free time, perhaps a few hours a month, or maybe a little more, we have lots of vacancies for volunteers. Keep looking on this site for details of roles we are looking for support.

Perhaps your New Year’s Resolution could be to give a little back to this great Club of ours. If you can, it will be greatly appreciated.

4 thoughts on “Chairman’s New Year Message for 2019

  1. KEITH CLAYTON ( Chairman Padiham CC) says:

    An absolute concise report on what and how things happen at your local cricket club it epitomises everything regarding club life , continue doing a great job Stuart ,all the very best for 2019 .

  2. Ted Holden says:

    A wonderful message. It pleases me to see such encouraging comments about youth cricket, the good future it holds for the club and character building for all the youngsters that involvement brings. Great Harwood CC is a well run family friendly club and I am sure it has a good future. Best wishes for 2019 for success on and off the field.
    Ted Holden

  3. Frank Woodworth says:

    Very good Stuart,but why no mention of the Bowling Section?
    I remember over 50 years ago the location had Cricket,Bowling Green and Tennis Courts.
    Sadly neglected at that time but the Bowling Green was restored 20 years ago and we have a wonderful facility due to the efforts of the bowling club and its members.
    I do not think the Cricket Club appreciates the time and effort put into the area that was a wasteland, to enhance that part of Cliffe Park.
    I am in NZ supporting the Black Caps just now but will be Home for the new Season.
    Lets have a good one for Cricketers and Bowlers alike

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