Awards 2018

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Friday 26th October saw our annual presentation evening. Another progressive season saw many positives, which we celebrated as a club, with Junior and Senior awards presented together.
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Player of the Year – Nazakat Hussain

Players Player – Matthew Oddie

Most Improved Senior Player – Zeain Ali

Junior Player of the Year – Nihaal Basharat

Fielder of the Year – Matthew Oddie

Club Person of the Year – Michael Perrin

Fastest Fifty – Muhammad Shakeel

2nd XI vs Milnrow (a) on 7 July 2018 – 34 balls (total of 58 included 11×4 1×6)

Performance award

Muhammad Shakeel 124 vs Rawtenstall 3rd XI

Junior Performance Awards

Seb Whalley 56* vs Rawtenstall

Ethan Houldsworth 58* vs Cherry Tree

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1st XI Batting – Allan Armer

533 runs at an average of 23.17 (425 at 25 League Only)

1st XI Bowling – Stuart Maher 

33 wickets at an average of 29.52 (29 at 27.21 League Only)

2nd XI Batting – Russell Whalley

294 runs at an average of 24.50

2nd XI Bowling – Tanvir Sajid

28 wickets at an average of 20.96

3rd XI Batting – Matt Oddie

215 runs at an average of 71.66)

3rd XI Bowling – Ammar Malik

11 wickets at an average of 16.27

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Hawks Under 15s

U15s Batting – Sean Dignan

U15s Bowling – Alex Kennedy

U15s Most Improved – Seb Whalley

Hawks Under 13s

U13s Batting – Matt Litherland

U13s Bowling – Kassim Masood

U13s Most Improved – Ismheel Shakeel

Hawks Under 11s

U11s Batting – Shabaaz Hussain

U11s Bowling – Nihaal Basharat

U11s Most Improved – Harry Cameron

Hawks Under 9s

U9s Player of the Year – William Armer

U9s Players’ Player – Max Cocken

U9s Batting – Max Cocken

U9s Bowling – William Armer

U9s Most Improved – Scott Duckworth

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Hawks Under 9s

Throwing the Cricket Ball – Joshua Duckworth

Running Between Wickets – Nathan Sheridan

Hitting Between Cones – Max Cocken

Bowling at Stumps – William Armer

High Catching – Nathan Sheridan

Short Catching – Max Cocken


Under 7s


Throwing the Cricket Ball – Winner – Alex Sherriff – Runner Up – James Thomson

Running Between Wickets – Winner – James Thomson – Runner Up – Joseph Armer

Hitting Between Cones – Joint Winner – James Thomson – Joint Winner – Oscar Swanney

Bowling at Stumps – Winner – Isaac McKay – Runner Up – Alex Sherriff

High Catching – Joint Winner – James Thomson – Joint Winner – Oscar Swanney

Short Catching – Joint Winner – Isaac McKay – Joint Winner – Oscar Swanney

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Hawks U15s – Hyndburn Indoor Competition – Winners

Ethan Houldsworth

Rayhaan Hussain

Haris Iqbal

Alex Kennedy

Thomas Newton

Seb Whalley


Lancashire Junior Cricket League U-15 Runners Up 2018

Harris Clegg

Sean Dignan

Stevie Hacking

Marcus Hamer

Ethan Houldsworth

Rayhaan Hussain

Alex Kennedy

Kassim Masood

Thomas Newton

Ismheel Shakeel

Seb Whalley

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Hawks U13s – Hyndburn Indoor Competition – Winners

Sam Anderson

Lewis Cartmell

Lewis Elliott

Matt Litherland

Jack Roberts

Ismheel Shakeel

Euan Vickery

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Lancashire Junior Cricket League Div 2 U-11 League Winners 2018

William Armer

Nihaal Basharat

Harry Cameron

Max Cocken

Lewie Hacker

Logan Hindle

Jacob Houldsworth

Zach Houldsworth

Shaabaz Hussain

Sam Newton

Thomas O’Doherty

Charlie Palich

Oliver Sherriff

Charlie Southworth

William Thomson

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Hawks U9s – Hyndburn Indoor Competition – Winners

William Armer

Max Cocken

Joshua Duckworth

Scott Duckworth

Thomas Henderson

Maci Mae Whitehead

Jonathan Wilson


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