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We were again delighted this week to receive a further letter from an anonymous source, which provided a remarkable number of the missing stats from our table of Past Professionals. All such details have been added to our archive. 
Highlights include: –
Jim E. Brierley (1951-53, 1956-57) took a total of 382 wickets in his 5 years as Professional. The letter also informs us that Jim went on to play as an amateur following the 1957 season so  his actual wicket total is likely well in excess of this number. 
Jim Peters Jr (1946-47) scored 1936 runs in his two seasons as Professional, at our old Red Lane ground. He hit 917 in 1946 before becoming the first ever GHCC player to score 1000 runs in a season in 1947, ending on 1019. This feat would not be repeated until Aftab Baloch hit 1213, 35 years later in 1982. Only 10 players on record have ever hit this figure for the club, including current player Russell Whalley (1056 in 2005), and current professional Ashen Silva (1035 in 2016). Andrew Crook is the only man to ever have done so twice.
We also received several amateur statistics for 1948 and 1949, which have not been added to the site as yet as we have not yet commenced compiling our amateur archives. We will hold these details on file however and will ensure they are included when we are able to progress this. 
Please may I extend a further huge thank you from all at the club to our anonymous statistician. A significant amount of time must have gone in to compiling these figures, and the information provided is priceless in our attempts to build a lasting record documenting our long and rich history. 
Thank you!


Archive of Past Professionals

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